We haven't moved back on the waitlist, but Luc turned 30 today! He has officially joined me as 30. So for his birthday we have a lot planned.


On a sad note, Luc isn't getting his traditional R2D2 birthday cake. Below is last year's R2D2 cake, which was the third or forth one I made for him. (He had one for 3 years in a row growing up and his Mom saved the pan. So yes, we have an original 1983 Wilton R2D2 cake pan.) Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time to decorate and I get "claw hand" by the time I am done. I will also have to say this was not my best R2D2 cake, but it is the only one I have pictures of.

{source: me}

{source: I took this picture in Springfield near the old capital building. My cake so looks like this, right? :)}

So far we have had a visit with "L" from The Babyfold to update our homestudy. My panicking of two weeks ago, didn't need to happen. Our homestudy was not expired, but just needed an update for Illinois. (Plus we did our DCFS compliance check. We passed.)

What's next for the birthday boy? A trip to the doctor's to get the first shots for Hep A and B. (I know, a great way to celebrate your birthday.) I think he is a little nervous since "L" asked if he was going to take something before we went. . .

I am trying to talk him into doing something special for dinner. We shall see. Tomorrow it is off to the QC for my Dad's very belated 60th birthday party.

Unofficial number update: I haven't received it yet for the day, but I think we are 20 Girls, 11 Boys, and 11 Siblings.



Today marks 10 months on the waitlist. A family received a referral today who would have been on the waitlist for a year on the 28th. Here's praying and hoping for a referral before hitting the year mark.


Lando Sighting

There has been a Lando sighting! After almost 10 months on the waitlist, there has now been a sighting. That's right, I have finally found a Lando Calrissian action figure. Luc and I have been searching for a Lando Calrissian action figure since his coworkers decided to name our yet to be seen child, Lando Magic, last summer.

Until today, we have only found the action figure on the internet. We weren't wanting/needing it enough to buy it online, hoping we would someday come across one in person. Plus we knew someone might be convinced to pick one up when he goes to the Star Wars Weekend at Disney in June. (Sorry "J," but your wife might have volunteered you. Maybe the whole carpool did, I don't remember at this point.)

Since last summer we have been looking for the Lando action figure on most trips to Target or Toys R Us. Not every trip to Target, but those that found us in the toy area generally brought about a search through the Star Wars action figures as well as other action figures. (Luc was known for hiding the action figures he wanted behind other, unrelated, action figures until he could convince his grandma to buy it for him when he was younger.) However the search always came up without a Lando.

So while at Wal Mart today, I found not one, but two Lando Calrissian action figures! So we now have three Lando Calrissian action figures (Toys R Us also yielded a find. It was a busy day looking for baby shower gifts.) to go with Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo.

{source: a picture of our Lando's Star Wars action figures}

Monday will be 10 months on the waitlist for Lando. Hopefully finding the Lando action figure will bring good things as we begin 10 months waiting to see our Lando for the first time.



I will admit it, I pride myself on my paperwork at school. As a special education teacher, my life includes tons of paperwork and I generally like to think I am pretty good about dotting the "i's" and crossing the "t's." I will admit this is a bit of an issue with me, but I like knowing when I go to the table everything that can be done beforehand has been done well.

So I knew in January when I was doing IEPs I obviously had too much going on when there were date issues on a couple of IEPs. I know, really no big deal, but it bugged me and it bugged me further when I realized I didn't catch one until after the meeting. (I love calling parents to say I made a mistake on their child's paperwork. It always goes so well. -Be sure to note the sarcasm.)

On the listserv a couple of families have been discussing checking their homestudies due to expiration dates. In the back of my head I knew I should check, but I kept putting it off. (Excuses: There was plenty of time. Referrals have really slowed down, so no big deal. I will do that over Spring Break. At this point, it can wait until school is done. etc.)

So today during the bi-monthly phone call with our caseworker from AGCI, "B" brought up expiration dates on the important items. FBI Fingerprints- We are good until November, so at the end of August we will need to think about redoing those. Favorable Determination Letter- It is good until March (tons of time). Homestudy- Oh, that expires today.

Yep, our homestudy expires today. Our path went from this:
{source: me}
to this.
 {source: me}

As soon as we were off the phone, I was pulling it out and trying to find the page that says it expires today. It took awhile, but it is in there. (I have to be honest, I was really hoping "B" was wrong.) We already have a meeting set up with our homestudy agency on May 27th for our 6 month DCFS checkup, but we might be doing that a bit earlier. Am I panicking? Yes.

So what have I done? Well, I stared at our homestudy for a bit, I will admit that. I still can't believe I let the date go unnoticed. I have also emailed the awesome "L" at The Baby Fold. "L" already has an email waiting for her when she gets into her office tomorrow morning. Hopefully this will be painless and quick.

So we will need to:
  • update the homestudy
  • possibly be re-fingerprinted for the homestudy update
  • have the homestudy be authorized by the state (it took about 8 weeks the first time)
  • send the homestudy update to immigration 
  • send state approved update to AGCI


Counting Down Part 2

Our new wait list numbers for the month of May:

Boy- 14

Girl- 21

Siblings- 12


Counting Down

I love this time of year. The flowers are out, there is light when I am leaving for work and when I get home, the count down begins, and Scholastic has their warehouse sale.

{source: picture I took when we were at Biltmore a couple of years ago}

Yep, the count down is on. There are officially 11 student days left. (As I tell my students, "Not that anyone is counting." Which I am so counting and so are they.) Today was the last day for seniors and their graduation is set for Sunday. (Please note: I love my job, but it is time for a break and a new group of minds to mold.)

Although this doesn't have anything to do with our adoption, it is nice to think there is a count down that has an end date. (Yes, I am struggling with the idea of just sitting hanging out at numbers for unknown lengths of time.)

Oh, you want to know about the last part of the opening paragraph?

Yes, I attended the Scholastic warehouse sale. As always, it was amazing. Lando's library continues to grow. I got a lot of books, but I am really excited about three of them. The first one would be Good Boy, Fergus! and Too Many Toys by David Shannon. I am a big fan of David Shannon. How can you not enjoy the "David" series? (Plus, I read Good Boy, Fergus! while I was there. I think our dog Joey Ramone was the inspiration for the book.) The third book is Me and You by Genevieve Cote. Originally I was drawn to the book because of the pig on the cover. (Yes, I judge children's picture books by their covers. If the picture on the cover isn't good, the pictures inside usually aren't good. Why would you buy a picture book with bad pictures?) It is a story about a pig and a rabbit who are friends, but wish they could be like the other. I thought it was a good story and had nice pictures.



So 13 is doubly important today! Not only are there 13 student days left in the school year (exciting), but we are unofficially number 13 on the sibling list. Other unofficial numbers are: 14 boys and 22 girls.