It's a paaarrrrrrty!


Following your baptism last Sunday we had your birthday paaarrrrty! It was "Jake and the Never Land Pirates" themed and held at one of the local pizza places. I like to think you enjoyed it. I know your friends enjoyed it and the "gold doubloons."

Before your party, sitting on the bench outside of the ice cream parlor/Children's Museum
 Your treasure chest of doubloons buried in sand.

 Bucky Tent!!!
 "It's a trap!" Admiral Ackbar
the new drum with your name on it



Yesterday you were baptized. Before the congregation we belong to and in front of members of your extended family we professed:

Will you nurture Charlie
in Christ's holy Church,
that by your teaching and example they may be guided
to accept God's grace for themselves,
to profess their faith openly,
and to lead a Christian life?
(From the United Methodist Baptism Liturgy)

We will do our best to do this. There was more to it, but this is where you come in Charlie, our promise to help guide you to God's grace and accept it for yourself. After your Dada and I said, "We will," Rev John asked you if you trusted him enough to hold you while he placed the water on your head. You replied, "No." Rev John laughed and your Dada held you while he did this.
Following this, the congregation sang "Child of Blessing, Child of Promise" as you were presented to the them.
Child of blessing, child of promise, 
love's creation, love indeed! 
Fresh from God, refresh our spirits, 
into joy and laughter lead. 

Child of joy, our dearest treasure, 
God's you are, from God you came. 
Back to God we humbly give you, 
blessing you in Jesus' name.

Child of God, your loving Parent, 
learn to know whose child you are. 
Grow to laugh and sing and worship, 
trust and love God more than all.

 You are our dearest treasure.


catching up with life


So it has been a bit. Almost a month. Once you are reading, I really hope you are thinking, "Mama, I know I was doing awesome things in that month. What happened?" I know. I like to still think you will be calling me "Mama" for a long time, but let us be honest. You are already starting to use the names Mom and Mommy. You are growing up. So, let us catch up on what has happened. . .
It got cold. Mama went through your closet and found the puffy vest. You liked the vest, you didn't like the "boy band" music we sang while you were wearing it. You have good taste in music. 

We decorated a pumpkin.

You went trick-or-treating as Jake from Jake and the Never Land Pirates. We went over to aunt Marcia's neighborhood and had dinner before going out with your friends Strawberry Shortcake, Rapunzel, Iron Man, and some Bees. You didn't go up to a lot of houses, you  just liked walking outside carrying your sword and saying, "Arrrrrr." In addition to getting some treasure on the 31st, you met this guy. . .

You highly enjoy playing in leaves.

I might have made you try on different outfits for your photo session. . . During which, you might have rocked out to The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. . . You might have danced. . . Charlie, have we told you about how cute you are? You are pretty cute. I have proof. (Remind me to show you the formal picture we had taken in this outfit when you are older. It is part of Grammie and Papa's Christmas gift, so I don't want to ruin the fun.) It also doesn't help how you now say, "I awesome."
Following the pictures, you watched some football with Papa.
You fed yourself, with a spoon (new independent skill) some potatoes. You can't see it, but your shirt is caked in potatoes. It was everywhere. . .
Following pictures with your cousin L, the next day you had pics with your 4 cousins on Dada's side. More on those later. Right after pictures we drove north to meet up with an old friend who was in state from Florida. So you got to have dinner with Matt and his daughter A. She is only 4 days older than you, but you are over a head taller.  

We got new pictures of you from your time at Hannah's Hope. We love them. The first one is from November of last year, followed by one from December. The change in about a month's time is amazing!!


This brings us to today. We had an appointment at Comer Children's Hospital with Dr. Gray. He and Nurse Linda didn't recognize you due to the amount of growth and progress you have made since you last saw them. It was a great appointment. 

From Comer we left to go visit the fishies. We didn't last long at the Shedd, but when you would look at the tanks, you seemed to like it.