November 2009
30- Call The Baby Fold about interest in adoption.
December 2009
17- Meet with Lara from The Baby Fold regarding the different adoption options. We realize, we have no idea what we are doing. Domestic? International? Special Needs?
January 2010
13- First home study visit
20- Fingerprinted by state
22- International adoption class at The Baby Fold
February 2010
1- Luc gets his TB test.
3- Luc passes his TB test.
8- Second home study visit. Kara gets her TB test. Submit adoption application to The Baby Fold
10- Kara passes her TB test.
19- Luc’s birth certificate is obtained
22- Third home study visit. We finally decide, yes international adoption for sure and its Ethiopia! We get our marriage license and Kara’s birth certificate.
March 2010
13- Send in pre-application forms to AGCI.
April 2010
12- Fourth home study visit. Home inspection for DCFS. Send in application forms to AGCI.
13- Adoption Learning Partners classes started
25- Adoption Learning Partners classes complete, included “With Eyes Wide Open”
26- AGCI orientation conference call
May 2010
10- AGCI, first call with Ethiopia case worker
17- AGCI phone call
18- Home study is approved by The Baby Fold
June 2010
1- AGCI phone call, Letter from local police department
7- Sign off on “Power of Attorney”
10- Trip to Springfield for “certificate of authority”
15- AGCI phone call
21- Doctor forms are finally notarized. Who knew getting a doctor’s signature was so difficult?
26- Eat at Demera for the first time in Chicago
29- AGCI phone call
July 2010
8- DCFS finally approves home study, but for the wrong visa
13- AGCI phone call, DCFS approve home study (with correct visa)
16- Pick up home study from The Baby Fold.  Dossier is mailed to AGCI!
22- Baby Hold home visit for DCFS compliance. We pass.
23- Dossier accepted! We are on the wait list! Girl- 79, Boy- 49, Siblings- 47
24- USCIS I-600A application sent in
30- Letter from USCIS saying they have application (Oh and Bon Jovi concert)
31- Dinner at Demera
August 2010
10- Girl- 73, Boy- 47, Siblings- 45
26- USCIS fingerprinting
September 2010
9- Girl- 70, Boy- 46, Siblings- 44
11- Eat at Demera with Kara’s family. Favorable Determination Letter comes in the mail!
October 2010
5- Girl- 60, Boy- 40, Siblings- 41
November 2010
4- Girl- 51, Boy- 28, Siblings- 31
11- The Baby Fold home visit (6 mos for DCFS)
December 2010
8- Girl- 47, Boy- 28, Siblings- 25
28- Eat at Meskerem in St. Louis
January 2011
6- Girl- 41, Boy- 25, Siblings- 20
6- Celebrated Ganna/Gena, a day early, made injera and Alicha Minchet Abishe
11- AGCI phone call with Brandi. Update her about our Ganna/Gena and Meskerem experiences. 
February 2011 
6- I actually made injera!
7- Girl- 39, Boy- 25, Siblings- 20
19- Attend Connecting Hearts With the Forgotten Conference; eat at Ethiopian Diamond  
March 2011
13- We make sambussa for the first time! 
17- Official waitlist number day! Girl- 30, Boy- 20, Siblings- 18 
22- Bi-monthly phone call with Brandi.  
April 2011 
12- Official waitlist number day! (Email month)
May 2011 
11- Official waitlist numbers through email. Girl- 21, Boy 14, Siblings- 12
17- Bi-monthly phone call with Brandi 
27- 6 mos DCFS check with "L" from The Babyfold. We passed and updated our homestudy.  
30- Second making of sambussa. Yum.
June 2011
10- Official waitlist numbers via email.  Girl- 21,Boy- 12, Siblings- 12
24- Make it to single digits with siblings!!! (unofficially Girl- 16, Boy- 10, and Siblings- 9)
28- Make it to single digits for boys!!! (unofficially Girl- 16, Boy- 9, and Siblings 8: I think)
July 2011
9- Ate at Alem Ethiopian Village in Milwaukee and bought "Ethio Millennium Card Game"
14- Official waitlist numbers through email. Girl 14, Boy 6, and Siblings 6
31- Eat at Ethiopian Diamond.
August 2011
2- Make Ethiopian the first time for Grandma Kathy
18- Update call from Brandi with August's official numbers. Girl 11, Boy 3, and Siblings 6 We complete the paperwork to have our fingerprints renewed with USCIS.
19- Mail in the paperwork to USCIS to be re-fingerprinted. Celebrate our new waitlist numbers!
22- We have a boy! His name is "K" and he is 4 mos old. First "visitors" to see our son. Courtney, Marcia, and Gma Kathy
23- Second wave of "visitors" are Aunt Kristi, P, Aunt Meg, Uncle Alex, and L. We write our transition plan. (Irony- The special education teacher, who writes transition plans all of the time, wrote one for her son to come home.)

24- Our paperwork comes via UPS on our son.
25- Phone call with M at AGCI, the Family Coordinator, to discuss transitioning our son home.
26- Your first present comes addressed to you from Grammie and Papa
27- Notarize and send off all of our paperwork.
29- B calls to say we forgot a set of initials on "Exhibit A"
30- Notarize and send off "Exhibit A" again.
31- B calls to say she has it and we are good to schedule our "Next Steps" phone call.
September 2011
1- "Next Steps" phone call with B
2- First pair of shoes bought.
6- B calls to tell us we lost our first referral.
14- We go back on the wait list. Official numbers had already been given, so B told us we were 0.5 on all lists.
26- We have a boy! His name is "K" and he is 10 mos old.
28- We tell your Dad's family and mail in your referral paperwork.
29- We have our transition call with Emily
30- K calls to say all of the paperwork is great.
October 2011
1- We tell your Mom's family.
18- We talk to B for the first time since getting K's referral. We also get our first medical update.
22- We order your crib. 
25- We have a court date! B called to tell us we will be in court on December 6. We also book our tickets.
29- We see new pictures of you. In one of the pictures you appear to be waving.
November 2011
1- Shots! Your Dad and I got shots at Jewel. Yep, your Mom is cheap. We got our Tdap and your Dad got his flu and meningitis shots.
2- Medical update: upper respiratory infection
4- Home study update with Lara. So easy. So painless. It helped she was able to reference a couple of items in Aunt Kristi's home study that was just done.
6- I finally get around to making a packing list. No more post-its. Okay, not as many post-it notes. 
7- Medical update: you still have an upper respiratory infection. You are now on different medications.
8- Travel conference call
11- Travel "shower"
19- We put together your crib and dresser
20- Baby shower
21- Kara goes to travel clinic, Transition conference call with E at AGCI
22- Luc goes to travel clinic
23- "Medical/Developmental" update from Brandi, pick up birthday cake
24- Happy 1st  Birthday!!!!! We celebrate your birthday and Thanksgiving with your Dad's side.
27- Birthday cupcakes with your Mom's side. Joey goes to stay at Grammie and Papa's house.
30- Call from Brandi, another medical update. Once again you have an upper respiratory infection.
December 2011
2- Board the plane to leave for Ethiopia!!
3- Arrive in Ethiopia!
4- We hold K for the first time
6- Court Date
7- Last day to hold K until second trip
8- Back in the US
19- Our file is submitted to Embassy
20- B calls to tell us our file was submitted to Embassy
29- Email from Embassy in Addis Ababa saying they got our documents
January 2012
3- Email from Embassy requesting additional information; phone call from B to discuss email
6- Mail in homestudy update to USCIS
7- Gena celebrated at Ethiopian Diamond
9- USCIS receives homestudy update
20- Receive updated FDL from USCIS
31- Phone call with B to discuss the lack of movement by the Embassy. Almaz contacts the Embassy on our behalf (as well as for several other families)
February 2012
8- The Embassy emails us to say our file is being forwarded to the USCIS office in Nairobi
16- The USCIS office in Nairobi emails to say we passed and they are forwarding our file back to Addis Ababa
19- Joey goes to Grammie and Papa's
21- Medical update from B. Upper respiratory infection and pink eye.
23- Medical update from B. Ear infection!!!
24- K is 15 mos today! Email from Embassy they have our file, waiting on date
25 and 26- Pack.

27- We have an Embassy date!!!! Book tickets.
March 2012
2- Leave the US
3- Arrive in Addis
4- Gotcha day!!!!!
5- Embassy
7- Leave Ethiopia
8- Arrive in the US!!!!!!