Lando Magic

I know this is a weird title for our first post, but it will make sense shortly, at least I hope it will. Originally the working name for our fictitious child, before we actually thought about having kids, was "Ducky." This name was based off of a onesie I fell in love with that had a duck on it and a matching bib that quacked. Fast forward several years, a decision to adopt, and letting people know we were on the wait list, "Ducky" didn't seem to work/apply anymore.

Enter Luc's co-workers. Over this summer, and as people were finding out about us adopting, people attending the Star Wars convention in Orlando started a petition to change Orlando to Lando, after Lando Calrissian. His co-workers decided "Lando Magic" sounded like a good, strong name for our child.

So, when we speak about our child, we refer to him or her as "Lando." We really do have names in mind, but are keeping it open. At the same time, I think both of our parents are worried our child really will be "Lando."