So it snowed again today. It was snowing as you left school. Miss J said you were lagging behind everyone because you were looking up at the sky, trying to catch snowflakes on your tongue.


First Christmas Concert


So Friday was your first Christmas Concert. Papa came down and went to your concert, so the family was represented. Your class sang, "Pablo the Reindeer." Since I haven't heard you sing this song, I am guess you didn't sing. Papa did say you didn't cry, which you did have some friends who had difficulty during the concert.

According to the program, you also sang: the school song, "Jingle Bells," "Reindeer Pokey," and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas."


conversations with you


Since starting ECE you have talked almost nonstop. What is great is how you will actually engage in conversations, not just phrases. I love it.

Here is my favorite, to date. . .

scene: You and Dada are sitting at the table, looking at the gingerbread house.

C: Eat it! Dada eat it!
D: Charlie, we can't eat it. Mama will get mad.
C: Do it! (putting hands on table) I want that one! (pointing to candy cane tree)
D: No. You can't eat it.
C: Candy? I want candy.

Yep. You got candy. Hershey Kisses. You were happy.

This Tuesday was school picture day. When we were at school for your evaluation and IEP meeting we checked out the composite school picture from last year. We noticed a lot of little boys in collared shirts and ties. Yep, we made you wear one. So as Dada got you dressed. . .

C: No. No. I stuck. Dada I stuck. Get me out. Stuck.
D: You are not stuck, you are wearing your shirt. (He didn't get the tie on.)
C: No. Stuck. I stuck.

So you went to J's house in your shirt and Dada gave her your tie, in the event she was able to get you to wear it. She was able to get you to wear it. We are told you said:

I am handsome!

once J got it on you. You said this super clear and had everyone laughing. I can't wait to see the school picture.


first week


This past week was your first week of school. I took you on Monday for your first day, it wasn't pretty. Lots of screaming and crying, none of it by Mama. . .
So this was from before we left on Monday, no pictures were taken at school. However, come Thursday you had stopped crying at drop-off with smiles at pick-up.

In addition to school, this past week we have spent time playing in your new tent.

Mama went to her annual gingerbread house building party. This year the theme of my house was gingerbread men vs snowmen. They are using snowflakes as throwing stars. The snowmen took out one of the generals for the gingerbread, but there are more gingerbread men. 


how we roll. . .


So this is how we roll when watching TV these days. . .

Yep, watching some TV on the trampoline. How we roll.


the party. . .


Here's some pictures of your 3rd birthday party!

Love you!


happy birthday


Today is your birthday. You might be sitting on my lap right now because you decided to help write this. . . This morning, when I came to get you, and wished you a happy birthday you replied with, "Secret, Happy Birthday." I am not sure why it is a secret, but we will keep it low key today. We will post more about your party later.

Singing the line, I will fly!, from the song "I Will Go Sailing No More" while watching Toy Story this morning.

Why play with you new marble run when there is a bean box?


This is what love looks like


Tomorrow you turn three. Today you will have your birthday party and celebrate your life. A life your Dada and I so love getting to be a part of. We have watched you grow so much this year. In the past year you have begun to run, jump, gallop, feed yourself, pick your nose, and so much more. I love getting to see your smile every day and I know Dada would say the same.

We are no longer the same people who first stepped off a plane not knowing if you would accept us as your parents. I am pretty sure you have. It took some time, but I see the joy spread across your face when you first see us even after a bit of separation.

We love you Charles Howard Kibreab!


love you!


Counting the days until your birthday!!! We so love you!




So someone has a birthday coming up. So here's a picture review of the past year. . .


I can't drive 55


We have finally found the secrets for getting you through the grocery store. Yep.
Oh! You also have to go and get a cookie.