a BIG victory for our Charlie


Today you had a BIG victory. HUGE! It is one we have been working on since the beginning of May. So what was your victory?
Yep. Your victory was this puzzle. When we got it in May (it could have been April, it was during a time sleep wasn't happening in the house for many) all you could do was dump the pieces out of the board. It got the job done of getting them out. As Miss Kathi, your Developmental Therapist, would say, "That's partial credit." Since getting the puzzle we have worked on:

-getting the pieces out of the board
-getting them out using the pegs
-signing the names of the animals
-making the animal noises associated with them (The giraffe was easy, we didn't make a noise for it. You loved the elephant noise.)
-saying the names of the animals
-getting you to focus on the puzzle and not crawl/walk off with pieces (You LOVED crawling off with the giraffe for most of the summer.)
-identifying the animal when we said the animal (We started with a field of one, "Charlie where is the giraffe?" with only the giraffe as an option. You can do it from a field of three now.)
-putting the puzzle pieces on the board
-putting the puzzle pieces near where they were supposed to go

Today? Getting the puzzle pieces into their proper spot and in the cutout!!!!!!! Yep. You put together your first puzzle.




our first Gena as a family

Melkam Gena Charlie!

Today is Christmas in Ethiopia, also known as Gena. Last year was a bittersweet Gena for Mama and Dada. We were waiting to hear from the Embassy and were thinking we would hear from them any day. HA

Last year on Gena, it had been one month since we had last held you. We needed a little bit of Ethiopia, so we celebrated at Ethiopian Diamond with a picture of you sitting on the table

This year was so much better since we got to celebrate it with you. We celebrated early, on Saturday, but it is now a tradition. We drove up to Ethiopian Diamond with you munching on crackers along the way. You have great taste in crackers. . .

 Once we got to Ethiopian Diamond, you were greeted by the staff. Our favorite waiter remembered you. We had the tibs tour (you know your Dada and Mama LOVE zilzil tibs) and shiro. Here you are munching on some sambussa.
So you ate most of your sambussa and some of the the peas, but that was about it. You had eaten A LOT of crackers on the way. . . Because of this, you didn't want to sit. We tried holding you and then were told by our waiter to let you walk around and play. So we did. (You made some friends. . .)

So what did we eat? Well. . . This is a picture of some of the food about 10 minutes into eating. 

 Following Ethiopian Diamond, we stopped by Buy Buy Baby. I know you are not a baby, but they do sell toddler baseball jerseys. We might have picked one up. At this point it had started to snow and you were singing, "Snow, snow," over and over. 
We found you a Beckham jersey and then drove so you could play with your friend A. I know, you want to know if we stopped at Portillo's. We did. You ate about half of a cheeseburger and then fell asleep in the car.

Melkam Gena!






So Mama got to take you to PT today for the first time. I, of course, took some pictures of your time with Miss Stephanie.


The Ball Pit

Walking up the ramp and going down it


 Bouncing on the trampoline

Looking super serious climbing the ladder

Loving the mat ramp


"thank you" and "son"


You continue to add new words to your vocabulary. This week the term as been "thank you." We had you something, we hear, "Thank you." Give you milk, "Thank you!" You say it and it is cute. When Miss Kathi (developmental therapy) was here yesterday you told her, "Thank you, bye," as she was leaving. My favorite was today you asked, "Cuddle?" then as I picked you up, "Thank you." So polite. 

Today you added, "son" to the mix. For some reason instead of telling you, "I love you, Charlie," I said, "I love you son." You got the biggest smile on your face and shouted, "Son!" Currently you are singing "son" over and over.

I love you, son!