the end. . . of summer


Today was our last "Mama/Charlie" day of the summer. Tomorrow I go back to school. We have had an awesome summer together. I have loved our time together.

I love how you sit at your door in the morning calling for me (not Dada) to "get me!"

I love how as we walk from one room of the house to another you reach up to hold my hand.

I enjoy laughing as you act out Toy Story, still showing concern with what will happen to Woody and Buzz. (My favs: spinning like Andy in the chair, Buzz's karate chop, and the army marching)

You have always sung along in the car to the music or at least you were in tune and followed the rhythm. This summer more words are there. While in the car today, you pretty much sang all of They Might Be Giants "The Bloodmobile," "You've Got a Friend in Me" (sung by Brian Wilson), and requested "Battu" (African Playground).

I love your hugs and how you will just climb up on my lap if I am sitting. (So didn't do this last summer.) We have spent a lot of time just cuddling, where you are actually cuddling back.

So how did we spend the day?

Well we started out at school. Mama got some work done in the office and you watch a movie at Aunt Marcia's desk. I am thinking the department, we were all there at some point, enjoyed laughing at your reactions. (We also stopped for pancakes along the way. . .)

Following going home and eating lunch we headed to the pool. Not the best picture, but you can see the water mushroom behind you.




So this summer you have finally begun to speak in phrases/simple sentences. Not all of the time, but it is increasing more and more each day. LOVE it! What is even better? All of these phrases/sentences are functional and unprompted!!!!!!!!!

So here are some of my favs:

When waking up at 2 am, how do you get Mama's attention?
"Mama! Mama! Mama! Get me! Get me! Mamaaaaaa!"

Once up in the morning, how do you let me know you are awake?
"All done! Mama, I done!"

 When Dada goes into your room instead of Mama in the morning, what do you say?
"Where's Mama?"

What about at dinner when asked if you were still hungry?
"No. I full."

Today, you didn't eat much, so you had some apple sauce during bath. Following the apple sauce, we tried strawberries, which were refused, then gold fish. You had told us you were done, so Dada started to take them back to the kitchen. . .
"Fish, come back!" (Dada was a little hurt here.)

Your favorite movie is Toy Story or Toy Tory as you call it. You will say several phrases from this movie. Our favorite phrase you say is, "Wind the frog!" We bought a wind up frog so this phrase can become functional.

All of us were in the sun room, while you were in your ball pit. Your attention was focused on Dada, so I leaned back to stretch and just stayed lying on the ground. You climbed out of the ball pit and got to me saying, "Mama! You okay?"

At breakfast we usually give you options as to what you want to eat. Without giving you options, you asked for yogurt. "Want yogurt."

My favorite, your Dada's favorite, and I am thinking it is one Miss Jamie and Miss Kathi told others at Easter Seals. During your Speech and DT time this week. . .
"I got girl friend."
I have no idea where this one came from, or if it is really function, but you had us all laughing.


the library


So, you are at the sitter's and I told myself I would begin the last really big clean before school starts. You know, the one where you move furniture and climb up on things. . . Yep as you can read, it is going well. I decided to start with your room. I started with your dresser, turned the corner and came to the book case. I think thought, it has been awhile since I organized your books. It has been awhile since I updated your book list. We won't talk how many books your library has increased, but it has. . .

So they are organized and reshelved, for now.