Tonight we went to your school's winter festival. As we were walking in, we ran into your principal. I love how whenever she has seen you, she greets you by name. (Even the day of your ECE evaluation, she knew it.) As soon as she said, "Hi Charlie," you smiled and said, "No." Apparently she has been coming in and sitting next to you (during table time?) a couple of days this week. She says you smile at her, shake your head, and say "No" like you expect her to ask you to do something. She seems to find it funny, I just love how she knows who you are, even outside of your morning school session.




So there are no photos of the event. Nothing to document it officially, except here. Papa put you to bed while Mama and Dada were gone. Mama and Dada went out to a concert and Papa put you to bed. We didn't initiate contact with Papa while we were gone, but he sent us a text, so we responded. (At least that is my story and I am pretty sure it is true. . .) We are told you did well. We know Papa did well, he has experience.

But the best part? Seeing your smile when I woke you up the next morning, while you shouted, "Mama!"

Thanks Papa for watching our Charlie.


the book


So recently you have rediscovered your "Jake" book that makes sounds. You want this book and are taking it lots of places. It went to Chicago with us last weekend, the sitter's house, and around the house.

So after watching Toy Story 3 (we finally moved off of 2!) you went over to your books in the living room. . .
Charlie: Need book!
Mama: Which book do you want?
Charlie: Jake!
Mama: Okay, we can get the "Jake" book.
Charlie: Jake book make me happy. Happy book.
Mama: I am glad this book makes you happy. (As you run to the recliner already hitting the sound buttons and imitating the sounds.)