the weekend


So Thursday night we headed up to Chicago for your appointment at Comer. Here's some of the weekend's pictures.

So some of the pictures are not the best since I was using the camera on the phone.

Following your appointment on Friday morning, we headed to the Museum of Science and Industry. You really enjoyed watching the trains on the tracks while we were there, sitting in the air plane, and playing with the Peter Pan scene on the iPad in the Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives.

From top left, clockwise: sitting on a street car; watching the model trains go by; driving the Deere combine; jumping on the hotel bed laughing, "Let me sleep;" watching a movie on the portable DVD player; looking up at the planes

On Saturday we headed to Navy Pier and the Chicago Children's Museum there. You loved the water table and did not like how your food came in a shrimping boot at Bubba Gump's. Following lunch we headed off to Grammie and Papa's house. (We also got to see cousin Mick and his wife Elaine from Arizona.) You learned L's favorite game when Uncle Spence is there, spinning on the table. You would climb up on the table and say, "Spin me!," "More spin!," and other phrases to spin some more. After dinner we went and spent the night at Uncle Spence's. You loved running around his basement.
From top left, clockwise: playing in the water area at the museum; spinning on the table with L by Uncle Spence at Grammie and Papa's; crossing professional bowler off the list at the museum; and digging for dinosaurs

On Sunday, we saw Grammie get anointed as a Parish Nurse and headed home.
From top left, clockwise: Looking dapper with Uncle Spence, eating fruit snacks and taking selfies beforehand, talking with Woody on the ride home, Grammie being anointed as a Parish Nurse




So on Saturday you and I hit the road. It was J's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Yep, you had your first Chuck E Cheese experience. It went well. It helped that hardly anyone was there. Afterwards we spent the night with Aunt Kim and Uncle Keith, which you rocked.


first assignment

So over break, you had your first homework assignment. Mama did the cutting, but given choices, you told me what you wanted. You also did the pressing.

Here is your hockey playing pirate snowman.


our break


So the snow and temperatures gave Mama an extra day of break. Dada was home too and we had a lot of fun playing with you today. We got you playing with different toys and you are now playing with your Symphony in B Aunt Meg got you for Christmas. Your favorite instrument is the sitar. You were also playing the clarinet as if it was a real clarinet.

The first Saturday of break we had breakfast with Santa. Dada was sick, but we braved the ice. You didn't want to sit on Santa's lap, but we still got a photo.
On Christmas Eve we were at Grandma Kathy's house. You and P had a lot of fun being pushed around on the chair by Dada.

Great Comments you made at Grandma Kathy's house:

As we pulled up to the house, "Not right now Grandma. No. No."
When I was telling you about the food you could have for dinner, "Stop Mama."
Grandma asked you how old you were, "I five and a half."

Christmas day found us at Grammie and Papa's house.  There was no great comments, but here are some of the pictures.
 Matching shirts with Dada.

So besides time with family we have been. . .

Making art. The "V" was supposed to be your feet. You didn't like the handprint so we skipped the feet.
 Playing in the snow. Kinda. So not the past two days, way too cold. So after I got you bundled up to go outside, you stood in the door and said, "That's snow. I no go." Yep, we went anyway. We attempted to make a snow angel. We threw snow at each other. You liked that. 
I have enjoyed our time together Charlie!