Easter and today


So I just wanted to show you a little of what Easter looked like for you and your first baptism, where you were not baptized.

So the weekend before Easter, at least I think it was then, your Papa and Grammie came to visit. Granted the more I think about this, it probably was two weekends before. . . Yep, two weekends before, since we had that HUGE snow for Palm Sunday. Well. . . Papa got a new camera and decided he needed to work on some of its features, so you were a guinea pig model for him.
 {your favorite counting book. who doesn't like to count farm animals?}
{reading your favorite jake coloring book to grammie.}
Okay, so you really like books. We have no idea how this love of books got instilled in you. (Please read with your Mama's best sarcastic voice. I know you are probably rolling your eyes as well. Yep. You are already rolling your eyes at Mama. I am so proud. Really I am.)
The Saturday before Easter we went to Papa and Grammie's house for the egg hunt. You got to hunt eggs with your cousins L, J, and B (Uncle Spence too). You picked up one egg and put it into your bucket. And out. And in. But just one egg. Mama got the rest for you. BTW- It was the first time you spent the night at Papa and Grammie's house. You did great. Joey did not.
 {egg in, egg out}
 {Dada, you hold me and then Mama will do all of the work.}
 {spinning with Uncle Spence and L. I am told by L it is the BEST. EVER!!!!!!}
 {Throwing paper air planes with Aunt Kim and Grammie.}

So today we went to B's baptism. It was just a baptism service for four children. I have never been to a service that was just a baptism. The service was in a Catholic church and when you walked into the sanctuary, the font was right there. It was a big hollow ball where the water flowed over the edges and into a "reflecting pool." It was cool. 
 {Eating Portillo's beforehand in the car. Note the cheese from your cheeseburger on your face.}

{Flirting with the ladies behind you before the service.}
{We might have let ourselves into Aunt Kim's house to change before the drive home. . .}

{Drinking Mama's cake shake on the way home. It was difficult getting it away from you.}



The park, about 6 mos later


So the weather has decided to warm up a bit. We have been taking some walks to the park. Below are a couple of pictures from your first time at the park this spring. If you look at the post directly before this, you will see yourself at the same park back in September. There are some differences. . .