Air Charlie


So today you had your first PT session with Miss Stephanie. Your Dada says you rocked it. I guess once you were in the gym, you owned it. You walked up and down the steps. Climbed the ramp, used it as a slide. Most importantly, you were dunking. Yep. We have an Air Charlie.

Yep, for some reason they already want to re-evaluate you and possibly decrease services. . .

So when we did your PT evaluation in August, you were not walking. (Steps, but no more than 6 at a time.) Miss Stephanie said it looks like you have been walking for two months. She feels the biggest thing we need to work on is strengthening your core. Time for baby situps.

You also had DT today with Miss Kathy. She started working on your 6 month re-evaluation. She was super impressed with how far you have come in 6 months. When she first met you, you couldn't hold your bottle. Now, you use a sippy cup, a thermos cup, and today you drank out of an open cup for the first time. You feed yourself table food, whereas 6 months ago you were still doing baby food. You would only play with your ball or drums 6 months ago, now there is a small toy store worth of stuff you enjoy.

Charlie, it seems like you are doing something new every day. I love this!!! These past three weeks we have seen so much growth and development on your part. At the same time, you still like to snuggle. Please keep snuggling.



"I awesome" and "hurry up"


You know your Mama likes order in her life. So we will take the events in order. . .

Wednesday, Sept 26- We celebrated your referraliversary, but I think I forgot to tell you, you had soup at lunch with Grandma Kathy. (This was also your first time eating soup.)

Saturday, Sept 29- While in church, you picked up a Kix for the first time, using your finger tips!!! I know this doesn't sound big, but trust me it was BIG. Not only did you take them out of my hand, but also the snack trap cup, and you got it into your mouth. Your Dada and I were rejoicing in the back pew and I think we had the two ushers laughing. . .

Sunday, Sept 30- Grammie and Papa came down to watch you while your Dada and I went had lunch by ourselves. It was nice. Sorry, cutie, but we enjoyed lunch without you.

Monday, Oct 1- You finally had your first OT session!!!! Miss Veronica was highly impressed with your progress since she last saw you during your evaluation in August. You even played with a small peg Melissa and Doug puzzle. Super proud of you.

Tuesday, Oct 2- This is one of the days every Mom can't wait to have happen. It was a proud day. (Really, I was proud of you.) When Dada got home from work, both you and Joey greeted him at the gate into the kitchen. You decided Joey was taking up a little too much room so you told him off. I am not sure what all you were saying, it was a lot, but there were some "no's" in there along with trying to push Joey away from the doorway.

Okay, that isn't why I was proud. This is why. . . It was Dada's night to rock you and I got to read to you. (BTW- The Five Little Pumpkins is not the great piece of literature you think it is. Reading it every night, multiple times, until Halloween is getting old. But I do love how you smile when you see the book and how you actually go and get it.) Your Dada asked what was on my shirt and I said it must be a Charlie boogie. You proceed to point to your nose. Once your hand was down, we asked where are your boogies, again you point to your nose and then proceed to pick it. Yep. This was the first time you picked your nose. I am proud. Why? It is actually a fine motor skill. A fine motor skill you couldn't do just a couple of days ago. LOVE. IT. 

Wednesday, Oct 3- You visit Great Grandma Willie in the hospital. Following the hospital, we went to our favorite local pizza place for the first time with you. You continued on your Kix mission, but also fed yourself two slices of pizza. I really hope when you read this in the future you are not asking, "Why is there green shag carpet on the walls of a restaurant?" (See picture above.) The green shag has been there forever. This particular green shag is actually fairly new. It has been replaced since your Dada and I graduated from college. I try not to think about how long the green shag had been on the walls when we ate there during college.

You also say the phrase, "I awesome" for the first time. 

Thursday, Oct 4- I got nothing.

Friday, Oct 5- When we got home from Gina's house, you asked for a snack. This is the first time you have verbalized wanting food!!!!!! You also wore this cute Kermit the Frog hoodie.

Saturday, Oct 6- We played at aunt Marcia's house and had dinner there. While there, you played with your friends J and L with your back to Mama! This was a first.

Sunday, Oct 7- Previously we have been doing church on Saturday night. It has fewer people. It is at a good time for your schedule. Today we changed it up. We did the contemporary service. You loved the guitars and drums. We might have a winner.

Monday, Oct 8- Yes. I am that mom. I am the mom who sends her child to the sitter's when she doesn't have school. Yep. At the same time, I got A LOT done today. I went to the grocery store, cleaned, did laundry, returned some stuff, looked for a winter coat for you, and went to the doctor's. However, if I hadn't taken you to Gina's today, you wouldn't have said, "Hurry up" as I got you out of the car seat. Hurry up? What? The little boy who screamed when I dropped him off for the first two weeks, then cried for several weeks, then smiled as we walked up the drive (yes, walked), is now saying, "Hurry up?" To quote you little man, "Okay, okay, okay."

OH!! You were also kicking a ball when I picked you up. Yep. Kicking. A. Ball. You only started walking, walking the week of Sept 17 is now kicking a ball. I love your progress.