This morning in pics


So I know you do not feel well right now. I know your little nose is all clogged, but I wanted to show you we are still having fun.






That's right it is officially summer vacation!!! Thursday began your Mama's summer break and she will be with you until returning to school in August. How can this get any better? Thursday was also your 18th month birthday! So this is what you were doing when you turned 18 months. Sharing your Cheerios with Joey. Okay, you also did this before turning 18 months. BTW- You are now standing up on your own. Being the good mother I am, I don't have the date this happened for the first time written down. Maybe your Dada knows. . .

Hey, we were late celebrating your 1st birthday, so we needed to celebrate. Plus, it allowed us to have some of your friends over who you will be spending a lot of time with this summer. It was also a good reason to have cake, not that you need a reason to ever have cake or ice cream.

So we had E, A, W, J, and L over for breakfast to celebrate! We also learned you are currently not a fan of pancakes. Here's kinda what it looked like. . .


On Sunday, we celebrated your Dada's birthday! We also took Joey on a trip to the Doggie ER. He decided he no longer wanted a cyst on the tip of his ear, so he began to chew and itch it. So it split open and Joey had emergency surgery. Here he is post surgery. He went straight to his pillow upon getting home and wasn't that happy I wanted to get a picture of the tough guy with his bandages from blood work and an IV.

So Joey's left ear has always been slightly longer than the right one. Now they might be even. . .

Today we went to your Papa and Grandma's house. It could have been better, it could have been worse. It would probably have helped if you hadn't decided to party from 2:30 to 5 am with your Dada or took a nap.





Okay, so it has been a bit, I guess I didn't realize how long it had been since I posted. (Thank you Madame MV for giving the push to post something!)

Since my last post. . .

We went to the Farmer's Market for the first time. In your ergo, you really liked the music in front of the court house.

You  "sat" for your first picture with your cousins on Dada's side. You had a double ear infection and only wanted your Dada. I felt bad for poor C who was trying his best to hold you.

We celebrated our first Mother's Day as a family. There was no breakfast in bed (BIG hint there for next year), but you and Dada picked out beautiful topaz (your birthstone) earrings for me. I think the best part was the HUGE hug you gave me when you and Dada came to wake me up. I love how you seem to "fall into" a hug and give a squeeze. I especially enjoyed this since you seemed to only want Dada all weekend long and would cry most of the time I was holding you while reaching for your Dada.

You went to the sitter's for the first time this past week. I think I have the better end of the deal. Your Dada drops you off, crying, but I get to pick you up when you are smiling. I think this is what you wore for your first day. . .

So we have been working with your speech and feeding therapist for three sessions now. It takes you a bit to warm up to Miss Abbey when she is here, but you will now put a sipping cup in your mouth. You will drink a little from it, but you put it in your mouth! Beforehand you would press your lips together very tightly, but you will put one of them in your mouth now. We still need to work on tipping it, but we will get there. Dada also finally got to hear you say "ma-or" this week for "more." You have been signing it, your way, for over a month, but you wouldn't say it for him. 
I think we have your hair figured out!!!! We still have a lot of moments, plus you cry when we comb it, but it is looking better. We just need to even out some spots. . .
We got out the "Little People" race track from E and A. You like it if Mama or Dada run the cars in the track, but you prefer to have them on the carpet, if you are driving them. When it comes to the track, you like to be in the track. You especially liked getting down and talking to the "people" in the stands.

So one of your favorite toys is a ball that lights up. Here you are standing on your own, with the ball. You will also say something for ball, but it is still developing. . . I just love your facial expression here. 
Your aunt Jennie came down to see you and brought a goat. Not just any goat, but Goat Vader. You didn't like the mask on it, but seemed to like the goat in the Vader outfit. 

 Have I told you how much you love to cuddle? Here you are cuddling with Dada this morning.  

We also went to the zoo for a second time. Your Aunt Meg gave you your first set of rabbit ears in a picture. You highly enjoyed the tiger roaring. You thought it was funny, your cousin L didn't. . .

Best of all, you added a new word to your vocabulary this week. It is the word all parents love their children learning. "No." You told Joey "no" when he wanted to cuddle with your hair. It also sounded as if you told him to "stop."

This is a big week!!! Mama only has 2.5 days left of school. This week you turn 18 months and you are having your first 1/2 birthday party!



2 months!!!!

Happy two months home Charlie!!!!!!

That's right, two months ago today we landed in Chicago and you were home! This is where we were about this time 2 months ago, O'Hare Airport, eating dinner.

 In these two months you have:
-increased your vocabulary from 2 words (Mama and Dada) to about 20 words (okay, many of these words have to be prompted, but you say them.)
-you eat puffs and cheerios! you will also eat cookies, cake, ice cream, and bread
-you are on whole milk
-become a hurricane in the bathtub
-learned to love your Joey. you will chase him down.
-danced, a lot
-will wave when asked
-clap your hands, when asked to clap
-you stand on your own
-your walk holding onto the sofa, table, or walker
-LOVE squash!!!
-been to chicago for doctor appointments twice
-ate at portillo's
-drawn your first picture
-been to the zoo
-met 3 of your 4 great-grandparents
-shaken your maracas, a lot
-watched hockey, basketball, and baseball.
-ridden a turtle
-cry with tears
-sleep in your crib, in your room, by yourself
-will hug your Mama or Dada
-try to give kisses
-played with your cousins
-smile. i love your smile. 

This was today at your Aunt's house.

You have come so far in two months home cutie. We can't wait to see what happens next!

Mama and Dada


the past week


In the past week you went to the zoo, grew a mustache, met your great-grandparents, and had your mom go back to school. So here's some pictures celebrating the past week.