So yesterday was a BIG day. In one day, you sang along to Justin Roberts in the car, watched some movies, ate Ethiopian (Okay, Mama and Dada ate it. You had a cheeseburger, fruit snacks, and apple sauce.), saw your Great-Aunt Kim, got shoes, danced in the shoe store while Mama got shoes (You really liked the mirrors on the underside of the benches.), ate at an Irish Pub, had a cake shake, watched more movies, and fell asleep in the car. You also slept thru coming into the house, a diaper change, and putting on your pj's. This is what you looked like at the end of the day.


referraliversary, take two


So today is your referraliversary. It would probably have helped if I had remembered to change the publish date when I uploaded your picture last night. However, it does mean you get another picture.




You read your first book last night, Where's Love Biscuit? Yep. Okay, you didn't really read the book and it wasn't the whole thing. . . Every page starts with 'Where is love Biscuit? Woof. Woof." This is followed with something about love. Normally, you just do the "Woof. Woof." Last night you decided to "read" the other part as well. It wasn't word for word, but it was close. We might read this too much. . .


this is what love looks like


So this morning we walked to the bakery for donuts. You ate your donut and half of Dada's.


water love


So with the new landscaping, we bought our first sprinkler. I know, "Why haven't we had one before?" Great question, I have no clue. So you have discovered the sprinkler and love it. You won't run through yet, but you get as much water as possible.

Besides the sprinkler, you will finally play with shaving cream. (Miss Kathi and Miss Veronica are super happy about this.) Here is our most recent shaving cream time.