Is this necessary?

Charlie, sorry it has been so long. School started a bit ago, okay the first quarter ends next week. You are enjoying school and loving the days when you ride the school bus home. You attended your first birthday party for a classmate and you seem to have multiple friends at school.

"Is this necessary?" is a question you asked Daddy when he made you go to the bathroom before a speech therapy session a couple of weeks ago (okay, maybe closer to a month ago at this point). For the most part you tell us when you need to go. (Thanks to our toilet training summer with awesome motivators in Thomas the train and his friends. You earned engines when you told us you needed to go. Only happened thanks to your cousin C passing on his trains.)

"I want to watch hockey." This is what you stated just a couple of minutes ago. I think it brought a tear to your Daddy's eye. Earlier tonight Daddy was talking to you about hockey and how you were going to watch the banner go up for the Hawks. You responded to this conversation with, "Hockey makes Daddy happy."

I love your growth in communicating and how we are getting more spontaneous and longer conversations.