talking with Charlie, part 2

So Charlie, you are a very funny little guy. I think today's comment is my favorite so far. As I was cleaning your ears tonight:

"How am I goin' to get a girl?"

Your Daddy and I responded, "With clean ears."

A little worried we already have to worry about girls.


talking with charlie


Here's some of our conversations from today.

This morning while getting ready for Aunt Darlene's funeral. . .

Me- Charlie you look handsome.
Charlie- I look adorable.

After quiet time. . .
Charlie: I need to eat before 5.
Me: What do you want to eat before 5?
Charlie: I need cake to eat.

We talked about how we didn't have cake in the house. Shortly after this, you brought me my purse saying, "Get cake."

Problem solving skills. Since we didn't have cake, I gave you a cookie, here's what came next.

Me: How is the cookie?
Charlie: I'm testing it.


warming the bench


So yesterday at school you did not want to go where you class was going. You told Mrs L, "No. I no go." So you had to go sit on the bench in the dugout. When the story was being told to Jana at pick up, you turned to your teacher and said, "No, no, no. No tell Jana." They laughed. Once again I need to warn you, your cuteness will only get you so far. . .

Today Santa visited school and you got to wear your pajamas.


under the tree


So it has happened, you have gone snooping under the Christmas tree. You found something you wanted and came out with the object with a big smile. I love it.

Last Friday you had your school Christmas concert. You sang Jingle Bells, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, and Pablo the Reindeer. There might have been others. . . Daddy, Grammie, Papa, and Grandma all came to see you sing. (I got the private concert every night leading up to the concert.) Afterwards you went out to lunch with your family. I am told you really enjoyed your burger and fries.