once upon a june. . .


I hear there is a month called, "June." The weather is supposed to be warm, the sun shines, and your family goes on vacation. We went to Florida this past June and here is the proof. . .

So your parents needed to see the Blackhawks play against LA. You led the whole sports bar (all 5 people in there) in a "Go Hawks!" cheer.

You went the beach for the first time. You loved sitting and having the waves tickle your toes.

We went to the Jacksonville Zoo. We rode the train and waved at elephants. (You kinda had a thing for elephants towards the beginning of summer.)

You finally started using a spoon, on your own. It was great.

You really enjoyed Amelia Island. You danced and sang in front of a statue of a pirate. We found a bookstore that had a Jake and the Neverland Pirates in the window. You made us go in. You really didn't want to give the book to the sales lady, but you did. Your response when she handed it back to you, "Whew!" She found this really funny.

On the way home we stopped in Chattanooga.