telling stories


So you like to tell stories. Tonight you told your first story, that we actually understood. Dada and I are calling it, "The Adventures of Birdie and Charlie." Birdie is what you call your teacher. Her name isn't Birdie. It doesn't sound like Birdie, but she lets you call her Birdie.

So as you were getting ready from bed, this is what we heard from you. . . "Birdie and Charlie go down slide. Birdie and Charlie read books. Birdie and Charlie sing. Birdie and Charlie dance. . ." I loved it. I wrote it in your notebook for "Birdie" and I am pretty sure she is going to love it too.

It will probably make up for your day of "No"/not listening from last week that ended up with you sitting in the dug out (you have a baseball themed classroom). It might even be as good as the time you initiated "Hey Birdie" during PE.


the book


So you love books. There are certain books you really LOVE for Mama and Dada to read to you. There was the Five Little Pumpkins period, we had a spell of Where is Love Biscuit, and now we have a new one. You have requested for three nights in a row, Down By the Bay. Already you a finishing lines with us. Last night in the tub, you watched Raffi performing it from back in the day. I am thinking we will need to add Raffi to our road trip music play list. . .


I do.


So after we got home, we were about to do a little HOH (hand over hand) to undo the Velcro on your shoes when I was told, "Ahhhh! I do." You have been taking your shoes off, on your own, at J's for some time, but refusing at home. Great Mother's Day gift.



Yesterday your ECE program had a picnic to celebrate the end of school (you still have a little over 2 weeks to go). As soon as you saw this, your eyes got super big and you did not want to wait in line. . .