last night


Last night was huge. Big. Ginormous. You slept in your toddler bed for the first time, for the majority of the night. (You have been waking up screaming most nights since vacation and are awake anywhere from 5 minutes to 4 hours. Last night was a 2 hour night, but we both fell asleep in the chair.)

How did this happen? How are you old enough for this? Oh, wait. It is because you decided to climb out of your crib during quiet time. I was about to walk out of your room when I turned around because I heard, "I win. I cake," to see you straddling the crib. Yep. The front came down and the toddler rail went up. (The mandated quiet time will be so much harder now.)

So I didn't get to take a picture of your first night in the toddler bed, it was too dark by the time I could get in there. Tonight I did get a picture.
So how did it go down tonight? Well, after story and rocking, we walked to your bed. You would not let go of my hand as you climbed in and started pulling me with you. Yep. We were both in the toddler bed for a bit. You fell asleep, I started to get up, you woke up in a panic. So I sat next to you, rubbing your back, until you fell back asleep.

In other news. . . 

Joey's dream came true today. After over a year, he finally got to get in your bed. You were both cuddling, but someone got out and someone sat up by the time I got back with a camera.

Your Dada and I are celebrating 10 years of marriage today. We are celebrating tomorrow with dinner and a movie while your cousin C watches you. Crazy to think she is old enough to watch you, she was just our flower girl. . .


because it is The Cup


So last night was a HUGE night, the Blackhawks won The Cup!

 {source: NHL.com}

You love watching "ockey" with your Dada. Last year you watched a lot of hockey. You would only fall asleep if both of us were in the room with you. So you would be rocked with hockey on TV. Eventually we got you falling asleep in your room with just one of us. . .

So. . . Since getting back from vacation, you haven't really slept through the night. So two nights ago we were up from 1:30 am until around 4:30 am. Mama was a little tired, so luckily you took a nap, so I got a nap too. You slept for 2.5 hours. It was nice. So you were not ready for bed at 7 pm, so we let you watch the game. Although it didn't go into overtime, you didn't make it to the third period. Dada was super excited to hold you throughout and to see the Hawks hoist The Cup. 




So as promised, here's your vacation pictures!

 Days 1 and 2 From top left: waiting on the plane, learning to climb into your stroller, Air and Space Museum, Looking at planes, more planes, waiting for Big Bird and Elmo with Dada, eating at McDonald's at Air and Space, and us on the mall

Day 2 from top left: Enjoying the mall, meeting Kermit, not liking the carousel, playing on the tablet at the hotel, swimming at the hotel with Dada, and eating Ethiopian (best Ethiopian we have had outside of Ethiopia)

Day 3 from top left: waking up, the National Aquarium, Yodaing with Dada, Johnny Rockets, Duck Boat Ride, Front page of the Tribue with Hawks winning, someone famous/important on Penn, all three of us on the Duck Boat

Day 3: The Old Post Office Tower. I sooooo love your smile.

Day 4 from top left: you and Dada at a panda statue, seeing the elephants, seeing flamingos, dinosaur roaring, snapping it out, Charlie being done with the zoo (Mama getting into a pic), don't ask Dada about the hike to the embassy, in front of the Ethiopian Embassy, playing hide and seek, What?!?!, view from Arlington Cemetery, sleeping on Dada at Arlington, center: at the embassy

Day 5: At the White House. . . You really didn't care about it.

Day 5: The monuments. You got sick near the Vietnam Memorial. Kinda changed our plans for the rest of the day.

Day 6: Asleep on the plane, Eating at O'Hare (return to your first restaurant in America) this time you ate a cheeseburger




So I could post the pictures from vacation, but let's be honest, it isn't gonna happen today. Today you get today. Dada had the day off, since we worked Saturday,  and we just had fun today. We spent time outside this morning, which is when these pictures were taken.

Okay, so this isn't today. It was last night. You fell asleep at the beginning of the Hawks game.

So this is today playing in the yard.

 Lauren, next door, has said you could play on the play set for sometime now. Today, we took her up on it. You did the swing for a bit, but you wanted the slide. You walked around the play set two times, looking it over before deciding how you would go up. . . (BTW- You climbed up on your own.)


"I love you"


So last night I was sitting in your room until you fell asleep. The best part? You making eye contact through the bars, smiling when you saw I was watching, reaching a hand through the bar towards me, and saying "I love you." LOVE it Charlie.


this is what love looks like


I will get back to you with information and pictures from our vacation, but I wanted to show you this. This is what love looks like, you and Dada relaxing after a day of sightseeing.