This year's goat


Again this Christmas we donated a goat in your honor. To represent this donation, here is this year's goat ornament.


little of this and that

Charlie, your mommy is a bit of a slacker. . .

So you went to the local pumpkin farm three times. Once with Mommy and Papa, once with Mommy and Daddy, and once with school. You really enjoyed playing in the corn silo every time and driving the train 2 of the 3 times you were there.

November 14th. . . you lost your first tooth. It has been wiggling around for a bit and just kinda fell out while brushing your teeth that morning.

Well. . . In big news, you turned 5. You had been saying you wanted to be 5 for some time and it happened. (Not a fan, personally. . .) That day you then said you wanted to be 8 (really not a fan). So your birthday party. . . didn't happen as planned and that is okay. There happened to be a snow storm so many people from out of town couldn't come and the road to the place was over 50% covered. . . So we invited ourselves to Aunt Marcia's (we needed help eating the cake) and she invited some neighborhood kids over to help. It was fun. (Yes, you had a stormtrooper cake.)

Other big news. . .

You are spelling. You are spelling your first and last name, along with Mommy, Daddy, Joey, elephant, cow, whale, and some other words. You really like to spell.

There has been a lot of growth with talking. You love to talk to people.

Counting, you are continuing to count. You can rote count to 30 and are counting objects to around 17 consistently.

You love Star Wars, especially Darth Vader.

Your smile keeps getting better every day.