It is playoffs, so that means it is the annual check of the Toews sweater.

So you will have to trust me that it isn't as long as it was last year. It also isn't falling off your shoulders.

Lately you have been asking us for a Coke. You have tasted Sprite, but you haven't had Coke. I am blaming this scene from March of 2012.


art gallery


Your art work is currently on display at an exclusive art gallery. This art gallery has displayed some pretty good work on the refrigerator over the years. This art gallery is also known as Papa and Grammie's house. Your work is called, "Orange Crayon on Purple Construction Paper." There is an outline of your right hand, some eyes, and crayon scribbles. It is probably be on display for a bit. . .

Papa came down on Thursday, so you had company in the back seat as we traveled for a doctor's appointment. Here you are with the gallery co-owner. 
In other news, you have been talking a lot this weekend. If you haven't been talking, you are singing. Love it!! So I am just now uploading pictures from your Family Day. . . I really like this one from March. 




So on Sunday we saw Justin Roberts and the Not Ready For a Nap Players. This is the second time we have seen Justin Roberts live. This time, you loved it from the start. (Last time you liked it, but it took a bit. . .) You were up singing and dancing throughout the concert. Our favorite was you shouting out requests. LOVED. IT.

 Waiting for the concert.

Justin singing "Heart of Gold" one of Mama's favorites.