talking with Charlie, part 2

So Charlie, you are a very funny little guy. I think today's comment is my favorite so far. As I was cleaning your ears tonight:

"How am I goin' to get a girl?"

Your Daddy and I responded, "With clean ears."

A little worried we already have to worry about girls.


talking with charlie


Here's some of our conversations from today.

This morning while getting ready for Aunt Darlene's funeral. . .

Me- Charlie you look handsome.
Charlie- I look adorable.

After quiet time. . .
Charlie: I need to eat before 5.
Me: What do you want to eat before 5?
Charlie: I need cake to eat.

We talked about how we didn't have cake in the house. Shortly after this, you brought me my purse saying, "Get cake."

Problem solving skills. Since we didn't have cake, I gave you a cookie, here's what came next.

Me: How is the cookie?
Charlie: I'm testing it.


warming the bench


So yesterday at school you did not want to go where you class was going. You told Mrs L, "No. I no go." So you had to go sit on the bench in the dugout. When the story was being told to Jana at pick up, you turned to your teacher and said, "No, no, no. No tell Jana." They laughed. Once again I need to warn you, your cuteness will only get you so far. . .

Today Santa visited school and you got to wear your pajamas.


under the tree


So it has happened, you have gone snooping under the Christmas tree. You found something you wanted and came out with the object with a big smile. I love it.

Last Friday you had your school Christmas concert. You sang Jingle Bells, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, and Pablo the Reindeer. There might have been others. . . Daddy, Grammie, Papa, and Grandma all came to see you sing. (I got the private concert every night leading up to the concert.) Afterwards you went out to lunch with your family. I am told you really enjoyed your burger and fries.


Happy birthday

Charlie, today you turn 4. Time is going way too fast. You are going in so many ways. Let's start with the most obvious, you are tall. In less than a month, you have grown 1 and 1/8 inches. 

We had your birthday party on Saturday. It was a pirate themed pizza party.

Right now, you LOVE The Cat in the Hat. It is your favorite, like you want it read every night. Every. Night. You are also a fan of the TV show of it. You are actually choosing it over Jake. However, your Jake pirate toys are still your favorite, especially your Captain Hook hat and "mega-mecha sword."

Your favorite color is green. This is usually followed by blue and yellow.

You are still rocking to Battu, but you sing many songs throughout the day. I am sure Mrs. L., Mrs. S., and Mrs. M. loved hearing you sing We Wish You a Merry Christmas all morning last week.

Your favorite foods are bread, cookies, cake, and ice cream. Last Friday, you had a Thanksgiving Feast at school. When I was asking about what foods you ate, you shared you only ate the bread.

At school, you choose to be the counting helper a lot. (You can count up to 20 and backwards from 10.) You threw Daddy and I off last week when you picked flag helper and clean up helper. I am pretty sure you were the slowest clean up helper ever. (I am basing this on your clean up skills at home. You put one pirate in the ship at a time, while telling it good night.)

We had some pictures taken about a month ago. I love your smile Charlie. I love how your dimples come out and you just look grown up and handsome. 

Happy birthday sweetheart. Mommy and Daddy love you.


once upon a june. . .


I hear there is a month called, "June." The weather is supposed to be warm, the sun shines, and your family goes on vacation. We went to Florida this past June and here is the proof. . .

So your parents needed to see the Blackhawks play against LA. You led the whole sports bar (all 5 people in there) in a "Go Hawks!" cheer.

You went the beach for the first time. You loved sitting and having the waves tickle your toes.

We went to the Jacksonville Zoo. We rode the train and waved at elephants. (You kinda had a thing for elephants towards the beginning of summer.)

You finally started using a spoon, on your own. It was great.

You really enjoyed Amelia Island. You danced and sang in front of a statue of a pirate. We found a bookstore that had a Jake and the Neverland Pirates in the window. You made us go in. You really didn't want to give the book to the sales lady, but you did. Your response when she handed it back to you, "Whew!" She found this really funny.

On the way home we stopped in Chattanooga.


it would be funny if. . .


I think this would be funnier, if it was someone else's child. But we need to record these memories so they can be used later on. . .

Today, while at the local children's museum, you were at the water table. You actually inniated going there on your own. I was proud. You grabbed the blue protector thing on your own. Again, proud. You started at the lower end, like usual, but you saw 2 boys playing with the vortex. You joined them. Proud. You climbed on the step stool, which put you at a height where you just had to bend at the waist and your whole shirt might have been in the vortex. No biggie. I moved you back to the lower end. You then climbed in. . .

For some reason you didnt like me carrying you out, dripping, while saying, "Go back! Go back!"

post swim


I be right back, I come back


So since you have come home, your Dada and I have always told you, "I will be right back," if we were going to another room to grab something. We have also always said, "I will come back," when we have left you. It could be one of us was going to the grocery store, while the other stayed home with you, or dropping you off at the sitter's house to go to work. We have always done this so you would know, we do come back.

Here's what I love about you going to ESY, you ride the bus. You leave us, not us leaving you. As you climb the steps of the bus, every morning (outside of the first two) you say, "Bye Mama! Bye Dada. I be right back. I come back." (Like you are reassuring us.) I love you have internalized these two sayings and finally fully understand people come back.


while watching baseball

Charlie, this happened today. . .

Charlie: Dada, we got any fruit snacks?
Dada: Yes. Do you want some?
Charlie: Yes.

Then you sang along to God Bless America.




Every once in awhile you say something and my Mama heart melts.

So tonight as you were getting ready for bed. . .

Charlie: I'm adopted. (first time I have ever heard you say that)
Dada and I: Yes, you are adopted and we love having you as our son. God chose you to be in our family.
Charlie: Of course.

Honey, I hope you always say "of course" to being loved, chosen, and family.



Charlie, today you rode the school bus for the first time. Waiting for the bus you were excited, leading us in "The Wheels on the Bus." You were excited as the bus pulled up, when the door opened, walking up to the bus, the first couple of steps, and then you realized Mama and Dada weren't following anymore. . .


trains, gill(s), and love

Charlie, so here is a little of what has been happening.

We took a train ride with Papa.

 We went to the Lincoln Museum. You really enjoyed the cannons going off.
Joey got rid of his cone of shame. I deleted those pictures. . .

We saw Jim Gill.

You loved it!

You learned to "Climb. Climb. Climb."

We went to Indiana (no pics) and the Shedd.
The best part? Hearing you say, "I love my family at bed time."



Charlie, did you know you are a protector? Yep. As you know, Joey doesn't do well with loud noises. He HATES the 4th of July. He really doesn't like that there is a place near our house that shoots off fireworks on the 3rd every year. Usually he hides in the bathroom during the fireworks, not this year. Once they got going, I realized I didn't know where he was, so I went to find him. I did. In your bed. I think he was trying to give off the "I am protecting Charlie" vibe. It wasn't working. The fact Joey was shaking didn't help his cause. . . So here is the post get Joey out of your bed photo.


more explosions


So I had to follow up with yesterday's post. . . In speech today, you and Jamie were working on something. . . I have no idea what in particular. She shared that all of a sudden you said, "My Mama and Dada hold hands." The secret is out. Yep. Your parents hold hands.

You also decided to give Jamie the title of Captain. She enjoyed it.


language explosion

Charlie, you have had a language explosion this past week or so. I love it. We are getting so much more from you without prompting. Best of all, there are complete sentences. SENTENCES!!!!!!

Here are some of the examples I either remember or remembered to write down.

At the dinner table you were singing the same song on repeat. After the 5th time singing this song:
Dada: New song Charlie.
Charlie: No Dada. I sing my song. (And you continue to sing it.)

We have been working on potty training since we got home from vacation. We have you in just your underoos, because you do not like it when Jake (on all of them) gets wet.
Mama: Nice job keeping your underwear dry!!
Charlie: Does Dada know?

Again, working on using the toilet.
Mama: Lets go to the bathroom.
Charlie: Lets not. (You really had Dada and I laughing here. We still made you go to the bathroom.)

This afternoon we were sitting in the recliner together:
Mama: I'm going to start making dinner. (as I get up from the chair)
Charlie: I will have goldish. (What you call goldfish crackers. You might have gotten some. . .)

As I was in the kitchen:
Charlie (super big smile on your face): Mama! Mama! Mama! It awesome. There more Jake and Da Nevaland Pirates next.

After dinner we went outside to play in the sprinkler, you got upset because I wouldn't let you bring your book. You kept saying "My book" so I turned off the water to only get "My water." With the tears and the yelling I picked you up to come inside. As we came into the house, there might have been some hitting by you. So I set you down and I talked about how you needed to look into my eyes and we were going to work on taking calming breathes. You kept eye contact the whole time (at one point this would never have happened) and you calmed down. After calming. . .

Charlie: I no hit. I need nice hands. I sorry.

Melt my heart! Things we have been saying to you for over two years coming out of your mouth, unprompted. Honey, you have so grown since coming home. I am so proud of you and how you are making your needs known, while still showing your personality. Can't wait to share with Miss Jamie tomorrow at speech!!!

I love you Charlie-Bear!


a bit ago


So I am not sure what we were eating or how we were eating it, but this was two years ago today.
We would have still been doing feeding therapy. (It is really difficult to believe you once needed that.) Based upon where your highchair is in the kitchen, I am assuming we just had feeding therapy with Miss Abbey. You seem to have a bit of a "food coma" look going on. :)




somedaI i will get around to adding this year's vacation pics, but not today.