Happy birthday

Charlie, today you turn 4. Time is going way too fast. You are going in so many ways. Let's start with the most obvious, you are tall. In less than a month, you have grown 1 and 1/8 inches. 

We had your birthday party on Saturday. It was a pirate themed pizza party.

Right now, you LOVE The Cat in the Hat. It is your favorite, like you want it read every night. Every. Night. You are also a fan of the TV show of it. You are actually choosing it over Jake. However, your Jake pirate toys are still your favorite, especially your Captain Hook hat and "mega-mecha sword."

Your favorite color is green. This is usually followed by blue and yellow.

You are still rocking to Battu, but you sing many songs throughout the day. I am sure Mrs. L., Mrs. S., and Mrs. M. loved hearing you sing We Wish You a Merry Christmas all morning last week.

Your favorite foods are bread, cookies, cake, and ice cream. Last Friday, you had a Thanksgiving Feast at school. When I was asking about what foods you ate, you shared you only ate the bread.

At school, you choose to be the counting helper a lot. (You can count up to 20 and backwards from 10.) You threw Daddy and I off last week when you picked flag helper and clean up helper. I am pretty sure you were the slowest clean up helper ever. (I am basing this on your clean up skills at home. You put one pirate in the ship at a time, while telling it good night.)

We had some pictures taken about a month ago. I love your smile Charlie. I love how your dimples come out and you just look grown up and handsome. 

Happy birthday sweetheart. Mommy and Daddy love you.