Injera 2.0

New recipe, new pan, better results, but still not there. . .  When I say “better results,” the end product didn’t look so pancake-like today and more like what it should. The first piece turned out pretty well, it was edible and was closer in texture, but the taste wasn’t right. It was very bland and didn’t taste sour. After the first attempt, I threw out five consecutive attempts. On the sixth attempt, parts were still doughy and other parts were crisp. The seventh attempt (I gave up with this one) was in Luc’s words “gross.” Luckily we have a back-up plan for dinner. (El Toro’s here we come!) I am going to get this! I am going to make edible injera. At the same time, Lando might just need to learn to enjoy the trip to Chicago to eat at one of the Ethiopian restaurants on Broadway.


Happy Gena! A day early. . .

So Gena is January 7th, but due to my lack of knowing dates when I am not in school, I thought today was the 7th, until Luc told me otherwise. (Gena is when Ethiopia celebrates Christmas.) So Luc and I thought we should celebrate and cook Ethiopian, well I would cook. Preparations started on Monday with prepping the injera. (To be honest, I only started on Monday to make sure I had all of the ingredients and to possibly do a test batch.) By checking though, I learned the yeast, water, millet flour, and fenugreek powder had to ferment for three days. So today I added my boiling water, mixed it up, and let it set for 30 minutes before pouring the “pancake-like” mixture in the pan. So injera is something I will definitely have to continue to practice.  This attempt was not good, to put it mildly. But I did try. Since our favorite Ethiopian vegetable dish so far has been Gommen, and I have never cooked with collard greens, I thought I would keep it easy with injera and “Alicha Minchet Abishe” (mild beef stew). The “Alicha Minchet Abishe” was good, but could have been spicier. Hopefully I can learn to make injera before "Lando" comes home!  

Speaking of "Lando" coming home. . .

Girl: 41
Boy: 25
Sibling: 20