His plan


Sometimes it is just crazy how perfectly you fit into this family. His plan is so amazing. So I decided to document tonight's fit by positively reinforcing the avoidance behavior taking pictures of how well you fit.

Delaying going to sleep by reading, so something your Mama did does.

Not crossing the line, but putting your toe on the line, just like Dada, according to Grandma. (Note: You are in bed. Your feet are not touching the ground. You hold your feet up so they don't touch and you can still say you are in bed. . .)
Just being cute. . .


keeping the beat


Prior to last Monday, since getting home from vacation, we could count the number of nights you slept the whole night on one hand. Yep. 5. 5 nights. From June 6th until July 21st, you only slept the whole night thru 5 times. Part of me has decided this was a good thing. (A very small part, Mama likes her sleep.) We bonded. (I mainly got up with you since Dada had to work.) 

 At first it started with you screaming and sobbing in the middle of the night, then a couple of weeks into it you would just scream. So I would go in, rub your back, when you were in your crib. Then you got a toddler bed. Yep. So I would go in, you would crawl out of bed and we would rock. Then it got to the point where you were pulling me into bed with you. Slept deprived Mama thought, "Sure, why not!" (I know. It goes against all parenting books. I am okay with this. We slept. You slept well, Mama slept okay, it is a toddler bed.)

What I loved about this though, was the cuddling. You would rest your head on my shoulder or chest and I would get to hear the sigh of contentment from you. As you cuddled, your hand would tap to the beat of the music playing in the background. As the songs changed, so would your tapping. As you fall asleep, you close your eyes, but your hand still taps, your breathing changes, and as you finally get into deep sleep, your hand stops tapping. This is when I knew I could leave, if I hadn't already fallen asleep.

This past week has been different. Of the past 7 nights, you have only woken up twice. AWESOME!!!! Plus, Mama is refusing to get into the toddler bed (which doesn't always go well as you pound the bed in protest). I will lay on the floor next to your bed. When that happened this past week, I woke up to find you sleeping on the floor next to me. :)


this is what love looks like


Yesterday we attended the wedding reception for your cousin's CJ and his new wife, Jana. (CJ is another Charles, just like great-grandpa.) Here are you and grandma at the reception.




You have a new favorite. You love Toy Story or as you call it, Toy Tory.On Tuesday, while watching it after the pool, you looked at the bottom of your foot for "Andy" when Woody did. So cute.


best in the world


There has been a lot of growth this week. A. LOT. I have loved it.

Monday- We went to our local children's museum with your Aunt Jennie and A. We have been there many times. Many. This was the first time you didn't cry or scream in the painting area. We have been around this area, into the area, smocked for painting, brush in hand, but it has always ended in screaming and/or crying and no painting. Not Monday. It got better. You painted. Yep. You held a brush, didn't flap it, and used it in the intended way.

Tuesday- We went to the pool with E and A. Last week I had to carry you into the toddler pool and it took an hour before you were okay with me not touching you. On Tuesday, you walked into the pool holding my hand. You "floated" on your own in the toddler area. You went into the splash area. At noon we did 1.5 loops on the lazy river. You went down the yellow slide with Mama. You tried to go down on your own (you had climbed on the yellow standing part while Mama was talking to someone and didn't notice you sitting and getting ready to go. . .) You tried walking over to the slide without Mama. You sat on the ledge and hopped into the pool with "ready, set, go!" You initiated this on your own. When Mama was looking at you, in your eyes, at "ready" you kept saying it until Mama looked into your eyes. The best part? You didn't cry when we left and you walked to the car instead of being carried.
Wednesday- We went up to Chicago for Ethiopian, which you didn't eat. You enjoyed your fruit snacks though. After Ethiopian Diamond, we went to Lincoln Park Zoo. It was the best zoo trip yet with you. We have been to a zoo just about every week since school got out, but Wednesday was different. You "ergoed" it with Dada, but you were actually looking and reacting to the animals. Before you were looking in the area, but we couldn't tell if you were actually seeing them. Today you were "startled" when a gibbon swung across the enclosure and kept moving your head as the giraffe ate. The best was your smile and laugh at the polar bear as he plunged into the water. We followed the zoo with a trip to Maggiano's. You had bread, milk, and chocolate cake. You didn't want the pasta, but how do you say no to cake? You don't.
 {loving the zoo}
{super tired at Maggiano's}
Thursday- You had a Charlie-Dada morning. You actually walked part of the local zoo today! You had fun with the slide and swing. Plus you and Dada were dressed alike in your Blackhawks shirts and cargo shorts.

As Dada would say, you are the best in the world!!!


good job me


So you have a lot of self-confidence. A. LOT. I hope you always have self-confidence. I so love how you will say, "Good job, Chaw-wee," "Awesome job," "Great!," or "Good job me!" after doing something. On Sunday, we got a "Good job me!" because you said, "Please." Yep. Keep it up.


those parents

Charlie, you have "those parents." You know, the parents who can't remember to check the weather before they go places. Yep. Sorry. We will learn. So far our learning curve has been pricey. (hoodies in Scotland, extra coats for opening day, hoodies at Harvard football game, blanket at Sox game, and hoodies at the Drive-In to name a few) Yes, I said Drive-In. On Wednesday, we went to a Drive-In and you went to your first movie. It was a double feature, Despicable Me 2 and Monsters University. When we got set up your Dada and I looked around and said we should have brought a blanket. There was a towel. You were fine.

Yesterday we met Grammie and Papa at a train and car museum. Your favorite parts was driving the cars and pulling the train horn.

From top left clockwise: hugging Grammie and Papa, driving a little car, talking to Mickey, driving an old car (including center pic) Yodaing with Mama to the train, riding the caboose with Papa and Grammie, pulling the horn, with Grammie and Papa in front of the Rock Island line logo (Papa's fav)


This is what love looks like


I will explain more about these pictures later, but here is this month's dose of "This is what love looks like" from today. . .