conversations part 830.3

Charlie, so here some stuff that has come from you in the past couple of days. . .

At dinner, you are supposed to be working on using a fork, so while eating waffles:

C: I can't use a fork tonight, I need a spoon.
Daddy: You are going to use a spoon for a waffle (hands you spoon) good luck with that.
C: Okay, but I use a spoon.

You mainly used your right hand to pick up the pieces and place them on your spoon.

So we are working on getting you to say your whole name. (I know, it is a lot.)

Daddy: Who are you?
C: I'm Charlie.
Daddy: Are you a boy?
C: I'm an evil scientist.

While leaving school, Mrs. L asked what you were going to do for the day.

C: I gonna slide.

So I got to Jana's house to pick you up, and Jana wasn't back yet with you from picking up her oldest kids. When you got there, you greeted me but B started crying because it meant you couldn't play outside together.

Me: I'm sorry B, but Charlie let's go get your backpack.
You begin to cry and once inside you finally tell me you don't want to leave.
Me: Well it is time to go.
B is still crying, you begin to cry louder.
Me: What is wrong?
C: It is too loud in here. It needs to be quiet.

Getting ready for bed:

Daddy: Time to put your pirates away.
C: I can't do that.
Daddy: You need to say good night to your pirates.
C: No. I continue to play with them.
Daddy: No, put them in their boat.
C: Fine. (You tell each pirate, by name, good night as you put them in.)


the sweater part 4

So Charlie, you have this sweater. You have only worn it 4 times, because it doesn't fit just yet.

That was the first time in it, back in 2012. This year, it looks like. . .

You weren't happy about trying it on.


a little updating part 3


So your Papa and Grammie got you a trip to Chicago for Christmas. (They asked what you needed and your parents said you didn't need stuff. So they went with the gift of events.)

We left on Good Friday and took the train up north. You love the train. Here you are pretty excited about the trip. (Or. . . You might just be excited about the cookies and iPad. I think it is 50/50.)
On Friday we walked to Northbridge Mall for lunch and then onto the hotel. Once we made a stop by the room, we headed out to Navy Pier and the Children's Museum.
As always, you enjoyed some time at the water table. You and Grammie are discussing the merits of playing with the boats or just splashing. They also had a room with stuff you could climb or jump on. You highly enjoyed the jumping. You also drove a car and rode on a bus while at the museum. Following the museum we did a juice break (it was an emergency) and took a little ride on the Ferris Wheel.
You and Papa did great on the Ferris Wheel, Mommy not so much. (Grammie stayed down below.) You really enjoyed looking out on the lake.

On Saturday, we headed to the Shedd. The line was super long, so Papa and Grammie might have become members. . . (We did that last summer, so saves time.)
 You really enjoyed watching all of the fish. You really liked pointing out different fish on this trip or having them pointed out to you. While sitting watching the fish in the big central tank, a shark swam up against the glass. You are not a fan of sharks. We also learned you do not like penguins. Again, while we were right next to the glass, a penguin swam by. You might have panicked. . . (Ok, you did panic.)
While waiting in line for the bathroom, we got separated from Grammie and Papa. So this is us waiting for them. (We agreed to meet up at the gift shop, we just didn't say which one.)

We saw the Bean.
We went to the Blackhawks Store. You look as excited here as the first time you went to the store (in the old location back in 2013).

The train ride home was long (delayed almost 2 hours). You introduced yourself to many people and shared to the train car how you needed to go to the bathroom.

Easter Sunday at Grammie and Papa's house.

More Charlie comments:

While in Chicago, you told Grammie and Papa all about Perry the Platypus. After telling them about his awesomeness for about 10 minutes. . .

Grammie: Your parents should have named you Perry.
Charlie: No Grammie. He is a platupus, I am a boy.

In the car on the way home from Easter

Daddy: Are you sleepy?
Charlie: No. I'm tired.

a bit later. . .

Charlie: I'm in charge. Relax Daddy, we aren't in danger.

So toilet training is slowly coming. We have been working on this for what seems like forever. We try for a bit and then take a break and do a different method. So are the taking away your pull-ups has been working. We just got to get you to tell us you need to go consistently (or for you just to take yourself)

The second morning of no pull-ups, Daddy was getting you ready to go to Jana's. You were in the bathroom:

Charlie: I need pull-ups.
Daddy: No. You are going to wear big boy underwear. (or something along those lines)
Charlie: You are ruining my life!

One day, that same week, after getting home.

Me: Okay, we are going to use the bathroom (again something along those lines)
Charlie: No thank you.
Me: Yes.
Charlie: Fine! Forces of evil are making me do this.

Yep, forces of evil aka your mom. This quote might come up later in life. . .


a little updating part 2


Here's some more updating. . .

So you have a sweet tooth.
In February, for Valentine's Day you got a "year of yum" gift card. Each month you get a cupcake from a local bakery. You don't like to share your cupcakes, as evidenced by the above picture. You also learned how to work the jelly bean dispenser.

We celebrated Family Day.
This was our 3rd Family Day. We celebrated with donuts for breakfast and dinner out.

Groupie Status.

So you love selfies. Here are some of your selfies as we waited to see Justin Roberts in March. We saw him on a Sunday and then again that Saturday. I have decided that gives us groupie status.

Waiting for him in Chicago.

So we saw him the following Saturday in the QC. He played at the Children's Museum there, so we went early to play. You really liked the bridges. Papa, Aunt Meg, and Lily joined us.

 Pretending to be Dr. Doofenshmirtz.
 Enjoying snacks
 More snacks.

Cheesing it up.

The show! Dancing to Justin Roberts.

More comments by Charlie:

While at the grocery store, you were riding in the car in front of the cart.

Manager of store: Are you driving safely?
Charlie: No. I drive crazy.

Apparently you needed me for something, I don't remember what. . .

Charlie: Mommy!
Me: Just a moment Charlie.
(goes and talks with Daddy and then comes back)
Charlie: Time's up Mommy. Come with me.

Random comment by Charlie

"Mommy, you don't have spiders on your head."

I am so glad, I didn't have spiders on my head.


because I love this picture

Charlie, I love these pictures. I realized they were cut off in the collage.


a little updating


So your Mommy has realized she really hasn't updated this blog with what is happening. . . So here we go.

In January and February you took a gymnastics class.
Here you are doing the bear crawl up two planks that "V". Gymnastics wasn't your favorite, but you really liked jumping on the trampoline at the end of class.

In January (?) we saw Sesame Street Live.

You loved it! You might have been a little upset Mommy and Daddy said no to getting you a balloon that had Elmo on one side and Cookie Monster on the other.

In February, your school had a breakfast with your sweetheart event.

The day started off with breakfast at your school. (Grandma joined us.) There was French Toast strips, sausage and pancakes on a stick, muffins, fresh fruit, and cinnamon rolls. You got a lot of complements on your red tie. After I picked you up from school, we had lunch at The Rock. You highly enjoyed your Sprite and cheeseburger. We sat at the counter looking out on the street, which you also enjoyed.

So what you have been saying lately. . .

"I am sooooo adorable."

My understanding is you were sitting at the table, while at school. You stood up and shared this information with your classmates. I am sure they have heard this before, either from you or an adult saying something like, "It is a good thing you are adorable."

"I am a pretty pretty princess."

So while at Jana's house, B convinced you to dress up in her princess costumes. (To be honest, the Tinker Bell costume is your favorite.) So someone (Jana or I) said something about how you were probably beautiful, and you gave that as your response.

"Keep um coming!"

You have been on a huge cracker run. You said this after we refilled your crackers for the second time. Apparently, you knew you would need more crackers.

"Relax Mommy. Daddy is in charge."

This was said as Daddy got you ready for bed and I was sitting on a chair waiting to read to you. Daddy informed you he wasn't in charge.

"I can be awesome."

Yes. Yes you can. This was just a random Charlie comment.

"You're freaking me out."

I got nothing. I have no idea why this came out of your mouth.

"Don't get me started."

This was said as I asked you about your day at school. . .