B's party


So today you went to B's birthday party. It was a bowling party, your second time bowling. It was rough at the beginning, but you settled in and seemed to have a lot of fun.

So you were done after the 8th frame, but not too bad for your second time.


note from your teacher


So this is what your teacher shared regarding your "farm breakfast" snack.


I good


So on Sunday we made a trip to Target. We stopped by the Jake aisle on our way to look at something. (I have no idea what this something was at this point.) Usually when we go to the Jake aisle, you are fine with just standing there, smiling, and looking. Not this Sunday. Dada left us in the aisle and once he got back, you grabbed Captain Hook's Sailwagon from the shelf, turned, and said "I good."

So we can take this to mean a couple of things. A) You felt your behavior deserved getting a toy. B) You got what you wanted, so you were good to go.

I like to think you meant option "B."


the week, so far


You have had a big week so far.

Monday- Dada had the day off so he took you to school. When he picked you up, you two lunched at Culver's then went to the zoo. On the way into the zoo, you saw the slide at the park next door. So you said, "Slide." Dada told you, you could do the slide after the zoo. So you asked him, "Promise?" I love this! You also walked around the zoo without asking to be carried. We will overlook you wanting to leave via the emergency exit.

Tuesday- You went to the movies with J!!!!! You saw The Lego Movie. We were told you enjoyed it and had a HUGE smile on your face when it started and you saw how big the screen was.

Wednesday- Nothing really big happened today, but you had a good day at school and J's.

Tomorrow you are going bowling and on Friday it is ice cream day at school!!!


what makes me smile


So on Thursday we headed north for a follow-up doctor's appointment in Chicago. I was driving and Dada was in the back with you. At some point you had asked for your Toy Story action figures. While you were holding Jessie, we heard you say, "Jessie, let's run away together." Yep, we enjoyed laughing at this.


family day


Happy 2nd Family Day! We love you so much and are so glad you are our son.

Our first Family Day, March 4, 2012.

Love you.
Mama and Dada


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