but I cute

Charlie, apparently at school today you had issues with talking when you should have been quiet. Mrs. L had to ask you to stop talking, you stuck out your tongue at her. You sat in the dugout. . .

So when I tried to talk to you about how this wasn't nice, you replied, "But I cute." You are cute, but this isn't something you should be doing.


back to school

Well Charlie, we both headed back to school today (Cue "Back to School" song in your head.) So apparently you danced into the building with excitement greeting your friends by name and telling Mrs. L, "Happy New Year!!!" So proud of you!

I am a little worried about your sense of humor. . . While going to the bathroom, you missed the toilet. You told whomever took you to the bathroom, "It was for Mrs. L," followed by laughter. Yep, not appropriate. I am hoping you thought because you made it to the bathroom and were dry, you said that and not because you missed.


car trips

So Charlie, you are not a fan of sleeping in the car. After two hours of fighting it, 20 min from home. . .