airports, zoo, and swing


Yesterday was a super special day Charlie. You went to an "airport party" for Presley!!! We drove up with Grandma Kathy, ate at Portillo's, waited at O'Hare, and got to meet her as the whole family came out of customs. She is sooo going to fit into the family. 

Today we went to the zoo. For the first time you got to see an elephant, giraffe, and lion. You didn't seem too impressed. We also happened to run into a family whose son was at HH while you were there.

Finally, after lunch with Grammie, Papa, Great-Aunt Kim, and Great-Keith, we had ice cream and you went down a slide for the first time. You also got on the swing without screaming!!!!!


Riding the train.

Finally, after signing the word giraffe since June, you got to see one in person!! Your favorite puzzle piece from your Melissa and Doug "jungle" puzzle is the giraffe. You crawl with it, turn it around in your hands, bang it against stuff, and smile at it. I don't think you made the connection between the puzzle piece and these guys. . .

First time in a swing without screaming!!!!! You laughed, giggled, and smiled the whole time. There might have been some whining going into it. . .

"I don't know Papa, this looks dangerous. . ."

"This is the best thing ever Papa!!!!"

"Second time. I am a pro at this!!!"


Mr. Independent


You want to be independent. I love that, but there needs to be some help still. Please. For Mama's sanity.

On Sunday, you decided you would feed yourself. You do not need help. You will not accept help. If we try to help get the spoon in your mouth we hear, "No, no, no!!!! I do. I do." Cute. Very cute. But you still have to eat.

Your independence has also transferred to your mode of transportation.  Yesterday, during our post-adoption visit with L, you decided to take 2 steps on your own!!!!! You haven't done more since, but this is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, today you went to the pool for the first time. I am thinking you enjoyed it, but it was a little cold. That's right, cold. It is a four letter word we haven't really known this summer, along with rain. We left as it started to rain.


You really like to "dot-dot-dot" with the coloring app on Mama's Nook.

After the concert we went to with Aunt Marcia, E, and A last Saturday. You loved the music and did not like the time between the songs.

The Joys of Self Feeding

Why, hello there. I am cute. I know it.

Feeding Joey. As you dropped the Cheerios for Joey, you kept saying his name and giggling. "Joe-Joe. Joe-Joe."

Tears during a snack? Yep. You screamed and cried until I gave you the spoon for your applesauce. 

No applesauce got into your mouth. . .

Here I think you were saying, "I love you spoon."

Sometimes two spoons are needed.

Sometimes a different one. 

The fourth spoon of the meal. Yep.

Your favorite snack is yogurt. It gets messy. Yogurt is on your face, but none got in your mouth by your doing. 

Yogurt, everywhere.  There was yogurt on Joey too.

The milk chant. Yep, you chant for milk. 


Not sure what is happening here or what is around your mouth. You are getting a lot of teeth. 

Blowing kisses. 

Mac and Cheese in the mouth? No. But the spoon got there. 

You tend to cross your fingers during meals. Especially if you get something into your mouth. 

Three spoons. All were used. Your Dada and I are letting you drum/eat with two spoons as we attempt to get food in you with the third.

First time at the pool.

Sunscreening you up before getting in. 

Toddler time is at 10 am. It was a little on the cold side today. It was probably about 76ish degrees when we were there. 

Deciding you like the pool. You really did sit down and even went into the deeper part near the climbing thing.

The splash area. 

You were not so happy about getting out of the pool. It was getting windy and as we went to the car it began to rain.


time warp


Two years ago, today, we got a phone call from T at AGCI telling us exciting news. The dossier we had set on July 16th had arrived, we didn't need to make any revisions, and it been approved. We had made the waitlist! Our first set of numbers were: Boy 49, Girl 79, and Siblings 47. The following weekend we traveled to Chicago for Bon Jovi and celebrating at Demera (an Ethiopian restaurant). It is humbling to know just last week, as far as we know, everyone who was waiting before us is no longer waiting for a referral. We pray for those who are still waiting, knowing the difficulties of the waiting game.



How are you guys doing?


One of the questions I hear a lot is, "How are you guys doing?" I usually reply with, "We have our moments." Yep. We have our moments and they are our moments, but everyone has moments.

I also hear a lot about how well it looks like you are adjusting. I would like to think so. You know who your Mama and Dada are. You know who your Dog-Dog is. You finally call dog-dog by Joe-Joe, usually. You know this is your home. (I love your smile when we pull into the garage and ask, "Charlie, is this your home?")

I love how we haven't heard the "HH Scream" in awhile. Yep, the scream we heard for hours on end in Ethiopia, when we first got home, and other times hasn't been heard in a bit. Do you still scream? Yes. Has it been for hours on end? No. BTW- You still have a good scream that isn't the "HH Scream."

You don't always do well in new settings. You do best if you just sit in our lap for a bit, facing us, before seeing the new environment. Whether this is part of your personality or adoption related we don't know. We do know if you are in new environments for too long, we spend the next couple of days holding you all day, having you in our laps, or touching you as we sit on the floor. Yep, even the bathroom you get held some days.

{today's coloring session}
You pet Joey. You even seek him out. You try to crawl over him, which isn't allowed right now. . . You like to "dot-dot" Joey, which is what you say as you color. Today you tried to make him purple. Joey just continued to lie there as you attempted the coloring. You enjoy feeding Joey during every meal. You enjoy looking over the edge of your highchair, seeing Joey, and dropping whatever is in your hand. (The vet refers to it as Joey's manna.)

You are a greeter. You highly enjoy seeing someone walk into "your area," angle your head, smile, wave, and say "hi." At the same time, you want them to maintain space (your Mama wants them to as well). You recoil and turn into your Dada or Mama when they get into your bubble. Sometime you give off a whine or whimper.

Your vocabulary is over 30 words. Your Dada's favorite one is "socks" or "sox." You see socks and you say, "socks." You see the White Sox and say, "Sox." Your Dada LOVES how you have a multiple purpose word. You do a pretty good job at repeating phrases or what you think is repeating the phrase. During feeding therapy today you said something that really impressed Miss Abbey (feeding and speech therapist), but you didn't repeat it, so it doesn't make the list.

At the end of May you began to sleep thru the night. The past week and a half, not so much. Last night you were whimpering in your sleep, so I went in to rock you, as you slept. When I picked you up from your crib, you were tense. As we rocked you slowly relax your arms and legs and finally your head enough so it was on my shoulder. I loved how you slowly melted as I held you, I dislike how it had to happen. 

You still are not walking. You HIGHLY enjoy trying to climb our legs to be carried or turning to us and saying, "Up." If we try to help you walk, when you don't want to walk, you throw yourself on the ground and whine, cry, or scream. When you will do this, you will say, "Walk-Walk," as we go. At the same time, you do this when you crawl. You will use your "walker" at times. We have a PT evaluation coming up to see what we can do differently.

When you came home you would only eat rice cereal. Now you love to eat crackers, turkey, veggie straws, yogurt, peaches, pears, mandarin oranges, and animal crackers. You will sign and say cracker and cookies (for animal crackers). You can get the spoon into your mouth with a hand-over-wrist prompt, but when the prompt is reduced you drop the spoon. You can pick up smaller food (ie Cheerios) on your own, but you drop it unless you have hand-over-hand prompting. To have you feed yourself with the correct level of prompting can make the meal last up to an hour and a half. I will wait you out.

You love milk. I think we have FINALLY found a sippy cup that works for you.

So, how are you guys doing? We have our moments. We think you are being the best Charlie you can be and love you for it. We love you no matter what, even if we have to carry you when you are six feet tall.




water table


So Dada is working today, so we did something different this morning. We broke out the water table. (You know the one that has been a box in the garage since December. It finally got put together this week.) So here is what the morning looked like.


As we walked into the sunroom you kept saying, "Hat! Hat!". So we grabbed one of Dada's hats/

Mama didn't put it on correctly. . .

The hat didn't last long. . .




You are so precious to your Dada and I!!!! I don't think we can ever tell you enough how special you are.

Today you played with Aunt Jennie and A. We had lunch at Avanti's and then you stayed at home with Aunt Jennie while Mama ran Joey to the vet's. He had chewed/licked through some of his stitches, so Mama wanted it checked before the weekend. Joe-Joe got an increase on dosage for some medications, additional medications, and the cone of shame. He is not a happy dog.

So you know, I am not allowed to go to the vet's without you for Joey's appointment on Wednesday. Dr. Matt and four techs gave me a hard time for not bringing you. Kathy, the groomer, even came into Joey's room so she could see you. (She wanted to see your smile again.) We will see about Wednesday, your Dada is off work and it would be easier to go without you.

You didn't really nap, so you decided to sleep during dinner. (You had your milk, fruit, and fell asleep.) We will see how the night goes. . .

Love you!!!!




On Monday, July 9th, your Dad and I took you to the court house for your readoption hearing. You were carried into the building as Kibreab Lucas and left as Charles Howard Kibreab.

After we left the court house, we went home to change and left for a celebratory brunch with Grammie and Papa. They drove down so they could be at court for your big day. Others wanted to be there, but were unable to be there.

During brunch, you showed off your mad coloring skills. In addition to "dot-dot-dot"[ing] the menu, you sported your bow-tie onesie. The waitress thought you were really dapper looking. We told her you felt like being fancy.

In other news, you might have a roommate. . .  Joey has decided to vent in your room is a great place to be while he recovers from ACL and tumor removal surgery. Be sure you two don't stay up all night talking!!! (You asked for "Joe-Joe" this morning when I got you out of bed. I am thinking you were disappointed he wasn't there for your morning routine.)


You and Dada watching the White Sox.