Clean up

Charlie, in the process of cleaning up photos, I found these taken at school. . .

Then I remembered this one of you and L.


first game

Charlie, you are playing baseball this summer.

The ISU basketball team helped out with opening day of the new field for Miracle League.

First time at bat.

 Making it to first and then second. At second, you were greeted by Mrs. H from school.
 Scoring for the first time. Plus, I really like your facial expression in the middle.
I like how you got Paris (your ISU buddy) to hold your glove for you.
Holding Mrs. H's hand during "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." She said you sang the school song instead. . . (same tune, different words)

Sometimes you need two people to get you to first. Mr. H helped this time.
Dancing your way to second, you eventually made it home. . .


Vacation Part 3: the trains

Charlie, so you have really been liking Thomas and Friends lately. Like a lot. It wasn't something I encouraged, but it just happened. (Someday you will be like, "Papa, Mommy says all of the vacations you took when she was growing up had trains in them. Is this true?" It isn't, but sometimes it felt like it.) So we needed a spot to stop on the way home from Florida. We really enjoyed Chattanooga last year, so we decided to go back.

It gets better.

We loved the Creative Discovery Museum last year. So we thought that would be something we needed to go do. They had a Thomas exhibit.

Sorry, I didn't take any pictures of you playing at the awesome train table. (They had over 120 engines to play with at the table. But you can see it behind you talking to Percy.)


Vacation Part 2: The Island

Charlie, after leaving Disney we went to Amelia Island. (Yep, we enjoyed it so much last summer, we went back.)

So our first day on the island, we hit the beach.

We enjoyed sitting on the edge of the water with the waves coming in. You actually picked up and held onto shells this summer. You got upset a couple of times when the waves took your shells. We saw some dolphins out in the distance (about 5 of them) and we pointed them out. You told us, "Not dolphins. Sharks. Those are sharks." You continued to discuss the sharks, so we started pointing out other things. . .

It was hot. Like 106 hot. The sand was burning our feet on the way back to the hotel. We did the pool the rest of the days, since it just got hotter.

So we tried going to a museum after eating Ethiopian in nearby Jacksonville. They had dinosaurs, you didn't like them. So we went to the pool and swam.

We went to Fort Clinch.
And most importantly, we ate at The Salty Pelican.


Vacation Part 1: Disney Day 2


For Father's Day, we spent more time at the Magic Kingdom. We even saw the train come into the station to open the park. (Before you read on Charlie, yes I was that mom who dressed us in the same shirt.)

From there we headed over to Tomorrowland with the Buzz Lighyear ride, the People Mover, Monsters Inc, Carousel of Progress, and meeting Buzz Lightyear.

I think this was on the Buzz Lightyear ride. . .
Meeting Buzz
{Realizing he was going to meet Buzz. The facial expression makes me smile.}

The People Mover, you really liked it.

When we left Tomorrowland, we stumbled on a street dance parade. It gets better. Phineas and Ferb were there.
{seeing it for the first time; dancing on the street; dancing closer to Phineas; and Phineas and Ferb}

You were not as exciting as Mommy at seeing Mary Poppins. (Maybe we should have sung "Feed the Birds" and you would have liked it.)
We rode Dumbo a couple of times. There is also a play area around Dumbo that we might have hit.
{had to prove I rode Dumbo too}

We did It's a Small World again, the train. . .

and the Peter Pan ride (twice).
{Look at the excitement on your face as we wait for the ride.}

I am thinking you really enjoyed part 1 of vacation.


Vacation Part 1: Disney Day 1


So in college I worked with a guy named Cory. Cory had done the Disney internship program and he liked to tell me how "It was all about the mouse." It actually fit many times, but he would then go on to how it would fit. But since we went to Disney World for the first part of our vacation, it made me think about this. . .

So Disney World. We stayed at the Pop Century. We didn't take any pictures at the hotel, except for this one on our way to the bus on Saturday morning to take us to the Magic Kingdom. (The shadow selfie was something another teacher was doing while he was at Disney the week before, thought I would humor him.)

So on Saturday we started off with the Haunted Mansion. Probably not our smartest move for being your first ride. . . But once we got going, you liked it. Kinda.
After a quick juice break, we headed to Adventureland and Aladdin's Flying Carpets. You loved this ride!!! All three of us rode it the first time and you rode it with just Daddy a couple of times.
From the flying carpets, we moved onto the jungle cruise.

Then we made your day. You met Woody and Jessie.

We continued on our meeting of favorite characters after the Under the Sea ride.
So there is a magical place called Neverland. It has almost all of your favorites. The Tick-Toc Crock. Captain Hook. Mr. Smee. Tinker Bell.
You loved it. As soon as we got off the ride, you started screaming how "I can fly!" and wanted to do it again. Yes, screaming. Crying. Lots of Tears. So as we waited to Fast Pass it again, we did the carousel.
This picture looks cute. Loving. You are crying in it. You really wanted to ride the Peter Pan ride again. We did as soon as we could. (Twice wasn't enough. You wanted more. If you could ride it over and over and over without ever getting off, you would have been happy.) We also did It's a Small World (your Daddy protested). You learned the song. Your Daddy groaned, I thought it was awesome. (Really, I did. I joined you in song.)

We met Tinker Bell and Mickey somewhere in there. That's right, Mickey. There might have been tears as we had to wait for Mickey. (Ok, there was a major break down, but cake helped.)

We might have also found you a giant cinnamon roll.

When we asked you how it was, you responded with, "It's magic."

When we were done with Disney for the day, you asked if you were going to school the next day. Yep. I just wanted to be sure I wrote that so it could be used one day. . .


more Charlie-isms


I love how you are communicating more. At the same time, you say some pretty funny stuff. So here are the examples from before school ended.

In the car, you were sitting in in your car seat. . .

"Sometimes I smell."

This one killed me. I had to pull over because I was laughing so much. Yes, at times you do smell. (Does that make me a horrible mom for saying that?)

So pre-vacation toilet training was going great! You were telling us when you needed to go, you were dry, more on that later. . . So apparently at one point, pre-vacation, I told you it was time to go to the bathroom.

"You're killing me man!"

So every night before bed, we read to you. You have your favorites. There may be books we read A. Lot. I mean A LOT, A LOT. One of those books might be If You Give a Mouse A Cookie. So we usually ask you what you want to have read to you. . . So one night, you go over to your books, and pick up If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. As you hand this book to your Daddy,

"You like this one."

In the mornings, I am the one who usually gets your morning milk. As you came out of your bedroom.

"I gonna need chocolate milk today."

So, you have learned evasive maneuvers when it comes to bedtime.

Charlie: I'm hungry

Daddy: I just think you are saying that so you don't have to go to bed. I'm onto your games.

Charlie: Yea, I guess so.

So here is another one. . .

Daddy: Do you want to go to bed?

Charlie: I'm against that.

Daddy: Well, then let's clean-up.

Charlie: We have a situation then.

Randome Charlie statements.

"Numbers are our friends."

I shared that one with my students, they are worried I am brainwashing you. Apparently, my math students are worried you might have an unhealthy love of math. (I have no idea where you get this.)

Lady at the grocery store: How old are you?

Charlie:  I'm not 40.

So far at school you have had the same teacher, Mrs. L. Mrs. L is awesome. You can tell she cares about her students and wants you to succeed. I am going to miss Mrs. L being your teacher. On the last day of school, Mrs. L told you something I want to be sure you remember.

Mrs. L: Remember, you are awesome.
Charlie, I hope you know you are awesome. I hope you always remember that.