you know, that week after Disney

Charlie, in my working backwards way, we are now at the week after Disney.

You had a baseball game that Sunday.

BTW, you played baseball with the state all-star football players before we left for Disney. Here you are with your buddy E.

We also went to Chicago before Daddy headed back to work. . . We went to the Shedd (we go a lot) and the Children's Museum at Navy Pier.

At the Shedd, you actually enjoyed the penguins. We sat and watched them for some time. You loved getting close to the glass and one kept swimming up to you. . .

At the Children's Museum, the water table was once again a favorite. This time you actually climbed up the crow's nest to the next floor. The whole time you were saying "Help Charlie!" and "Save Charlie!" as your Daddy helped you from behind. . . The girl at the top thought it was funny, Daddy didn't.

They have a room that is always changing. This time it was full of race tracks. All kinds. I think we spent the most time here.


the past week

Charlie, I know, you want to read about Disney. . . We will get to it. There are a lot of pictures for that. . .

This past weekend was the 4th. You drove your tractor in a neighborhood parade. We also went to the zoo to see the new flamingos.

We also did a little swimming. . . You really enjoyed the splash area, specifically the buckets.

We took a trip to Chicago with E, A, and Aunt M. We ventured to the Shedd, Water Tower, a fire house and a park near it. You have decided you want to be a fire truck. The really nice fire fighters let you sit in the truck and took their picture with you, before needing to leave to answer a call. You enjoyed seeing the engine leave the fire house.