a little of this, a little of that


So sometime this winter I realized I couldn't find our camera. Not the big one, but the small one that fits in my purse. Your Dada and I talked and neither of us could even remember when it was last used. So it was an awesome surprise at the end of February when I found it. In the basket of your BOB. (Yep, we didn't use it during the winter.) So here is what was on it. Based upon the clothing and our memory, we thought this happened at the end of September, maybe the beginning of October. Thanks to date stamping on the camera, I can tell you they happened September 27th and 28th. You had just started to walk, but if the surface was different, you would go back to crawling.



how we spent your family day


For your family day we took a little trip. We took the train to Chicago for the weekend. We spent Saturday and Sunday nights downtown and here is a little of what it looked like.



First Amtrak ride
{You can just see the tear stain from your right eye. . .}

 Lunching at California Pizza Kitchen (you watched "Jake" on the phone)

The Children's Museum at Navy Pier

{I love this picture. We had just told you it was okay to write on the "walls."}

 Fighting a fire with Dada

 Digging for dinosaurs

{First time eating Garrett Popcorn}

Sleeping with Yoda
The Bean

Checking out Sue at the Field Museum

The Blackhawk Store
Hanging out at the hotel

Monday- Happy Family Day!
You move A LOT in your sleep


family day


Today is your family day. Charlie I have thought about what I wanted to write to you for today for a long time. I thought about the approach, view point, and pictures. How do you write about the amount of joy someone brings to one's life? How do you write about the love you wrap around someone? How?

Charlie, you have grown so much this year, in so many ways. You have helped us grow. We walked through these gates not knowing so much.

{First trip, I don't know about the smile on my face. It was the only one though where both our eyes were open.}
We were prepared for many things, but not all. 

{first picture on our camera of Charlie since December}

You trusted your special mother so much.
You came into our arms and hearts.
You were kissed.
You were cried for.

You cried and screamed. Did I mention you screamed?
Charlie, always remember, you are loved. You are loved by many.
Prayed for.
Cared for.
A fighter. (BTW- Even though they no longer fit, you are Captain Adorable)
Played with.
Comforted. (The only way to get you to sleep for the first month.)
{This morning in the hotel, more on that later. . .}

Charlie, we are so glad you are our son.

Happy Family Day!

Mama and Dada

PS- You seem so tiny on these pictures from just a year ago.