Charlie, once upon a time a family of three sat at the dinner table. As one parent crammed a bite into their month and then got their son to take a bite (using hand-over-hand with a spoon and let us be honest, eventually just feeding you to get the process over, this could last up to 40 minutes to get their son to eat all of his food) the other parent sang two verses of "Old MacDonald." By the end of the second verse, parent 1 was wanting food and a chance to breathe, while parent 2 was desperately trying to remember which animals had and had not been used as the roles switched up. It was amazing to discover the animals who could live on the farm and also make noises. (Again, for the sake of honesty, it was about the animals who could make noise. A rabbit is great, but you were not into the idea of a nose moving up and down. BTW- you are the son and we are the parents in this story.)

Tonight we read the Pete the Cat version of the song. I loved how you provided the animal noises. I especially loved the rooster noise. You have come a long way. . .

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