So you started back to school yesterday. You had been asking to go back for about a week. . .  

Over break you got a haircut. I guess several teachers asked you about it. Jana shared when I picked you up, Mrs H had said your response was consistent throughout the day. "My hair is gone, but it's okay."

I guess your friend E (or as you refer to her, "My best friend, E") was not at school today. You told everyone she wasn't there. I am assuming you missed her since you talked about her all break.

So the best part of the day? Bath.

Before your bath you climbed up on my lap while I was sitting on the step stool just to cuddle. As you climbed up you asked, "Are you my girl?" Someday you are not going to want to cuddle (or fit in my lap). Someday you are not going to think of me as your girl, but today you do. I love today.

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